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Dames of Darkness Day One

Dames of Darkness Day One @ Robin 2 Bilston (UK)
Saturday 9 May 201


The jubilee edition of ‘The Dames of Darkness’ event (5th Edition) took place over two days on 9th-10th May 2015 at the excellent Robin 2 venue in Bilston, West Midlands (UK). The event starts outside the venue in the hotels nearby. There you already meet old friends and make new ones. A ride with some of those friends made the trip to the venue very easy and convenient. At arrival quite a number of usual suspect are present in front of the door. The various hands and/or hugs are great to start a festival.


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Rockharz 2015 Review

Rockharz 2015
Where: Ballenstedt, Germany
When: July 9th-11th
Who: See complete band list at end of the article

Rockharz 2015


Once a year a field in a remote area of North-Eastern Germany turns into a little city of its own. Within a few days tents and stages go up, and in the end the place is teeming with black-clad creatures, more accurately named metal heads. Once arrived, one delves right into this bubble filled with like-minded people and treasured music. Rockharz Open Air has become a regular here on Sonic Cathedral, as I in particular am always drawn back there. This year, the stellar line-up and intimate atmosphere again lead to the festival selling out of all approximately 12,000 tickets well ahead of time. Presales for 2016 have started, and we can only recommend getting your tickets early.

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Mercy Isle at the Madtown Underground Throwdown

A Femme Metal Band is Born
Mercy Isle, Madtown Underground Throwdown
VFW, Madison, Wisconsin - 5/27/2015

Mercy Isle


Well, to be sure, there were more bands than just Mercy Isle at the Madtown Underground Throwdown, but I was there primarily to see Kassandra and the boys for their first ever live performance. Fortunately, it was a beautiful day in southern Wisconsin for the event. That and the fact that they had cheap beer and brats at the VFW meant you couldn’t ask for a better backdrop. My companion, Linda and I got there early, got to look at the fighter planes and troop transports before coming in to focus on the music.

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