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Rockharz 2014

  • Category: Concerts & Events
  • Published: July 28 2014
  • By Angela Infernale
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Rockharz 2014 – Review
July 10-12, 2014
Ballenstedt, Harz Region, Germany




For a Female Fronted Metal fan this year's Rockharz was the “New Singers Edition”. Even though this year there were only three female fronted bands – Arch Enemy, Xandria, and Battle Beast – the trip out into the remote Eastern Harz region in Germany was still worthwhile. One reason is that all of the bands named above made an appearance with their new (or not so new anymore) singers. On top of that, both Arch Enemy and Xandria have just released their new studio albums and had some new material in store. Lastly, a Femme Metal fan is almost never a Femme Metal fan only, and Rockharz always has an amazing array of male fronted bands worth seeing.

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Blackmore’s Night @ The Paramount Theatre

Blackmore’s Night @ The Paramount Theatre
Long Island, New York May 22, 2014


It was a cold and dreary evening in Huntington Long Island, as dark clouds hovered over the sky. Yet the mood surrounding The Paramount Theatre was quite festive as Blackmore’s Night fans from around the world, many dressed in costumes, gathered at local bars prior to the performance. The concert was in support of their most recent studio LP, “Dancer and the Moon.”

Blackmores Night


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Heavy Lazy Sunday Afternoon @ Dynamo

Heavy Lazy Sunday Afternoon @ Dynamo
Eindhoven (Netherlands)
Sunday 27 April 2014
Ton Dekkers & Hans Kraaijeveld (Rockportaal)


Ex Libris


This time a concert with a little history. By visiting gigs, doing reviews and interviews for Sonic Cathedral you meet a lot of musicians. Often it becomes more than just a contact. You experience their passion for their music and see the struggle for getting known and finding gigs to play. When you have the possibility to organize a gig for your friends it feels good. That is the idea behind Heavy Lazy Sunday Afternoon, a concert with friends on a Sunday Afternoon. The version on 27 April in Dynamo was already the 2nd version. The name is introduced by Joop de Rooij (ex-Magion) when Magion played at the first edition. Writing a concert report from a gig you organize doesn’t feel good. Therefor I asked fellow critics Hans Kraaijeveld (report below) and Wendy Steenmans (photos) from Rockportaal to help me. Thank you for that.

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