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Seven Kingdoms – Live at JB McGinnes

  • Category: Concerts & Events
  • Published: September 05 2013
  • By Max Levites
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Seven Kingdoms – Live at JB McGinnes
New Castle, DE


Seven Kingdoms

Nobody ever plays in Delaware. Dela-where? (Sorry, had to.) Stuck between the more lucrative scenes of Baltimore and Philadelphia, there’s usually no reason to. So imagine my surprise when Seven Kingdoms, a power metal act from Florida, announced a gig in a small pub in New Castle, just down the road, and on top of that, they’d be supported by two other local female-fronted metal acts. Obviously, I jumped at the chance, and drove the short distance to JB McGinnes, ordered myself some $1 tacos and a beer, and prepared for a night of great metal.

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Weeping Silence at Little Devil

Weeping Silence @ Little Devil Tilburg (Netherlands)
Thursday 15 August 2013


Weeping Silence


Weeping Silence was scheduled to play at for the Rommelrock Festival on the 16-17th of August. To get more value out their trip from Malta, two additional club shows were scheduled. One of the shows was in Little Devil in Tilburg. But I also had the intention to go to Rommelrock. With this situation I had a challenge, since writing two reviews for the same band doesn't make sense. The dilemma was "solved" by the mayor of Maasmechelen, the intended location for Rommelrock, in a way nobody wanted. He withheld permission for Rommelrock; even the clean history didn't help. The festival had to be cancelled, a big disappointment for the organization, the visitors and of course the bands. I was happy that now at least I could do a review of the gig at Little Devil. Fortunately the organization of Rommelrock was able to organize on very short notice a show with the already arrived bands. This alternative event with headliner Therion was given the name 'Respect for Metal'. It was also a great event for Weeping Silence, since they had the set before Therion. In addition a show in Germany was arranged for Weeping Silence. After all it was not that bad for Weeping Silence.

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