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R-Mine Metal Fest Hamont-Achel (Belgium)

R-Mine Metal Fest
Friday 21 June 2013

Only a couple of weeks before the festival, the organization decided to move from outdoors to indoors. It was a good choice, looking at the weather this “summer” in Europe. Of course you miss the outdoor atmosphere, but the venue was nice and fit very well. Even inside they prepared two stages, the main “Nick’s” stage and the small “Moonlight” stage, which made the waiting time between the shows very short.

Ex Libris

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Novarock 2013 Review

Novarock 2013 

June 14th - 16th  
Nickelsdorf, Austria

When I first heard about the size of Novarock (161,000 people spread over three days) I was surprised I hadn't heard of it before. While it is not exactly a metal festival it can still take pride in having some of the hottest and also biggest Metal and Rock bands in its lineup. This year the festival was headlined by Kiss and Rammstein, but also featured bands such as Amon Amarth, Kreator, Sabaton, and HIM. Apart from that there was also a range of Pop, Rock, and Metalcore: Thirty Seconds to Mars, Bullet for my Valentine, A Day to Remember, IAMX - just to name a few. Most interesting for me were the following, though: Amaranthe, Within Temptation, and Cradle of Filth – featuring Sonic Cathedral's very own Lindsay Schoolcraft.

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Rockharz 2013 Review

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  • Published: July 20 2013
  • By Angela Infernale
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Rockharz 2013
July 11th - 13th Where: Ballendstedt, Harz region, Germany

This year Rockharz Open Air marked its 20th anniversary, and it also achieved another success: While the visitor count was around 11,000 in the recent years, it was 12,000 this year, meaning an increase by 20%. It is attracting a rising number of people from outside of Germany and is thus becoming more and more international. Compared to other festivals with 51,000 to 101,000 (or even more) visitors it is still comparatively small, but offers a lineup worthy of the big ones. This gives the festival a pretty unique standing in the scene as it combines the perks of a small festival with the ones of a large one. You will probably never get lost, and chances are you won't have too much trouble finding your friends again. Meanwhile you can still see bands such as Kreator, Iced Earth, Accept, Soulfly, and Avantasia (just to name this year's bigger names). Fans of Female Fronted Metal don't come away empty-handed either, as we saw last year (see review here) and as was proven again this year. Arkona, Delain, Van Canto, and Eluveitie all had decent length sets, and as a cherry on top Amanda Somerville was performing a two hour set with Avantasia.

Amanda Sommerville

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