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MFVF XI - Perceptions

  • Category: Concerts & Events
  • Published: December 07 2013
  • By SC Staff and Guest Writers
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MFVF 11 – MFVF 11 Perceptions
Wieze, Belgium
October 18 – 20


There are more than a few who would argue that this was the finest MFVF of them all. Never has there been such a congregation of big names: Leaves Eyes, Delain, Anneke, Floor, Lacuna Coil, Sharon and Tarja to name a few. Of course, everyone has their own perception of an event, no two will agree on anything completely. So, in order to provide a slightly broader coverage of the event, we’ve expanded our coverage to include non-SC staffers ranging from actual vocalists from the bands to Apples and at least one Cockney Goth drummer from Sussex who I thought should get some ink. But, there was more to the festival than just the stuff on stage, although that clearly was the principal focus. It was a three day party, trust me, I’m still recovering. It started with the first performers and went to 0 dark thirty then continued full bore at the Hotel where the beer flowed and the party went until dawn. Then, the troops gathered and the battle renewed over full force metal. So, here are some thoughts on the devastation from the gathering of metal heads in congregation at Oktoberhallen and nearby locales. 


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Magion: A New Mother's take on Performing at MFVF XI

  • Category: Concerts & Events
  • Published: November 11 2013
  • By Myrthe of Magion
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 Magion: A New Mother's take on Performing at MFVF XI


January 2013...

I remember it like it was yesterday. Outside it was snowing and I'm in my house staring outside the window where I can only see a big blizzard surrounding our apartment. In my hand I'm holding a positive pregnancy test. I can hardly believe that by the end of this year I will become a mother. In my head there is also a storm of emotions and thoughts. I always wanted to have a baby and I can't really believe how happy I am and I can hardly imagine what kind of an impact this will have on my life. What should I tell my band? Will I still be able to continue with my music?

Magion @ Metal Female Voices Fest

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MFVF XI - New Sounds & Bands

New Sounds and Emerging Bands from MFVF XI
MFVF XI Wieze, Belgium, October 18 – 21, 2013


MFVF has to be one of the finest bangs for the buck in music. . . anywhere. We got a total of 23 individual acts over three days, and I don’t know how many combination performances by the Eve’s Apple girls on Friday night. I quit counting at about 10 and they were still going strong. And most people probably came for the headline bands, Tarja, REVAMP, Anneke, Lacuna Coil, Delain and the rest. Of course, others had favorite bands they wanted to see, many like the harder Gothic sounds we get from bands like Cadaveria for instance.



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Masters of Symphonic Metal

  • Category: Concerts & Events
  • Published: November 09 2013
  • By Émilie Garcin
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Masters of Symphonic Metal 
Pratteln (20/10/2013) - Live report

Masters of Symphonic Metal

While many people were at Metal Female Voices Festival that weekend, I decided to attend the Masters of Symphonic Metal night in Pratteln. Five bands were playing that night: Deep Sun, Elferya and Lunatica from Switzerland, Serenity from Austria and Xandria from Germany. Visions of Atlantis were also supposed to be there, but cancelled the show a few days before for personal reasons. Then, each set was extended, and both Serenity and Xandria played 1h30.

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