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Bare Infinity - Live in Thessaloniki Greece

Bare Infinity - Live in Concert

Thessaloniki, Greece

Bre Infinity

Bare Infinity is one of the most well-known and promising “newbies” in the female fronted metal scene. They also come from Greece, and that’s why I am really proud of them. It is true that many bands have been trying for years to make the big breakthrough. Bare Infinity managed to do that. In 2009, they released their first very promising full-length album entitled “Always Forever.” I have to say that for almost 2 years, I am listening to that album again and again and never get bored. That’s the one and only truth.

Bare Infinity achieved what many underground bands never managed to succeed: They passed the borders of their country. They have toured two times in Finland. Also, some years before, they have played in Italy, and they have opened many live shows in Greece for bands like Epica. They were included in MFVF 2010 line up, but unfortunately they didn’t manage to play due to personal reasons (a member of the band lost his father the day before the show). “Always Forever” received very positive comments. In 2011, they went back in the studio to record their new EP, which will include five tracks. Before the release of that EP, the band decided to get back on the road with the Finnish band Before the Dawn. Their tour had two parts. The first part was in Finland, and the second part was in Greece. I thought it was time to check those guys live. I had planned to see them live about two or three times before, but never succeeded to do it. And finally, there I was at the 8Ball Club in Thessaloniki.

Bare Infinity played seven songs: three new songs from their upcoming EP, and four from “Always Forever.” The first song of the setlist was called “Father of Wrath.” That song included a very beautiful keyboard melody in the beginning and some male brutal parts performed by their bassist, Sverd. I also noticed some oriental/ethnic elements. The next song was called “Everfade.” In that song, Angel showed the crowd her soprano “side.” (In my opinion, Angel’s voice has many “sides”; she can sing many kinds of music, from hard rock and brutal to ethnic and opera). I have to admit that “Everfade” left me with the best impression. Those first two songs from the set will be included in their upcoming EP.

The setlist continued with songs from “Always Forever.” Next was “Lost Again,” one of my favourite Bare Infinity songs. The fans started headbanging, and the band gave them another reason to continue their headbanging. The reason was called “The Crying Shore.” When they started playing the song, Angel told us that this song is dedicated to the dead souls. It’s another beautiful song. Also, I have to say that Sverd’s brutal vocals were really good. The fifth song of the set was “Always Forever Pt.1,” their most well-known song. Angel was jumping on the stage, headbanging and giving her soul to the song. The fans were singing along with her. It was the highlight of the show without any doubt.

Bare Infinity

After that epic moment was the song “This Silence,” my other favourite song from their first album. That song has very true and powerful lyrics, and the way Angel sang it made me leave the camera on the table and start headbanging. In that song, the vocals were very powerful, and another different “side” of Angel’s voice (the rock side) appeared to us. The last song of the show was entitled “Awakening Moon,” and after that Bare Infinity left the stage.

I have to admit that I have very good memories from that show. The only reason that I don’t call that show excellent is the sound of the keyboards. It was obvious that their keyboardist, Constantine, did his best, but the sound-engineer didn’t do his job properly. On the other hand, all the members of the band were full of energy from the first moment of the show until the last one. Besides her great voice, Angel’s face was full of expressions that showed she was living the moment. I truly believe that Angel was born to be an artist. Also, their drummer, Jiggly, proved that he is a great drummer. Sverd and the guitarist Tomas were really good, too.

Bare Infinity

Overall, it was a very good show from a really promising band.
Check out Bare Infinity; they deserve it.


"Father of Wrath”
“Lost Again”
“The Crying Shore”
“Always Forever Pt. 1”
“This Silence”
“Awakening Moon”

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