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Era for a Moment - Live in Foxboro Massachusetts

Era for a Moment - Live in Concert

October 2nd, 2010

Foxboro Massachusetts / Rock the Plaza!

Era for a Moment

"How many of you guys are going to the Revs game?  Oh, come on.  I doubt you all came just to see us.” 
- Singer Shelby Carcio to the Rock the Plaza! audience.

Well, maybe they did.  The crowd at Rock the Plaza! in Foxboro, Massachusetts, wasn’t enormous, but it was evident that a number of people came to see one of the Boston area’s premiere female-fronted acts: the hard rock quintet Era for a Moment.  This band has played at shows in several neighboring states and won a contest in 2005 to open for rock legends Bon Jovi.  So, it doesn’t surprise me that Era for a Moment jumped at the opportunity to play a show as unique as this one.

And, Rock the Plaza! is unique indeed.  It’s a free concert series held every weekend from early May through late October outside the famed Gillette Stadium and its neighboring outdoor mall, Patriot Place.  Rock the Plaza! isn’t a huge venue: just a portable stage the size of those in rock clubs, set up near the stadium’s entrance.  These shows happen rain or shine, and that Saturday afternoon was brisk yet sunny – ideal weather for an outdoor show.  A soccer match with the New England Revolution was also scheduled that evening, so spectators for the game got to hear some live music on their way into the stadium.

Era for a Moment

The Wrecking Coast opened the show with their playful alt-punk rock.  Think of a harder, more experimental Paramore with some male screams thrown in every now and then.  The music was crisp and energetic, though it sometimes drowned out the delicate voice of singer Rebecca Frank.  The crowd didn’t seem to mind, however.  It was the first time most of the people there heard The Wrecking Coast, and several shoppers and Revolution fans stopped to listen.  The best song of the band’s 30-minute set was “Wolves,” a tidy stirring of all the ingredients of The Wrecking Coast’s sound.  This song is available on the band’s new EP, “The Worst Is Over.” 

Promptly at 5:30 PM, Era for a Moment climbed onto the stage and kicked things off with “Thrive.”  It was a good song to start off the show.  From the opening guitar riff punctuated by drum beats, to the strong chorus and singer Shelby Carcio’s throaty wails, it was more than enough to make people stop in their tracks for a few minutes.  The next song, “Calling You,” was just as gritty as “Thrive.”  It also had a quiet breakdown before the final refrains that added a nice touch to the song. 

Each of the later songs had its own take on Era for a Moment’s “rough and tough” approach.  “Risk the Scar” soared with the most potent chorus of the set, while “What If” built up with soulful angst right through to the end.  The band also had some fun with uptempo numbers such as “The D List” and their cover of Rockwell’s 80s hit “Somebody’s Watching Me.”  Shelby encouraged the crowd to sing along with the cover – and I was surprised how much I remembered the lyrics!

Most of the songs from Era for a Moment’s set were from its 2009 album “When Earth Meets Sky.”  Two others (“Calling You,” and the nu metal tinged “The Fire”) were from the band’s 2005 debut “Realize.”  Yet another song, “Indifferent,” was from even earlier in the band’s repertoire.  “An oldie but goodie,” as Shelby called “Indifferent” when she introduced it.  This song was actually my favorite of the set.  It had that trademark Era for a Moment sound along with strong drumwork that caught my attention.  After the show, I walked away wishing I had a studio version of “Indifferent” to listen to on the way home.

That one letdown was minor compared to the show as a whole, though.  Era for a Moment did not falter once during its 45 minutes.  Shelby commanded attention from her very first note.  Her tomboyish swagger fit the music like a glove, and the way in which she released some notes so they rang out through the speakers and out across the plaza (and maybe even the parking lot) caught new fans by surprise.  She also interacted with the audience a bit and encouraged people to go watch the Revolution game after the show. 

Era for a Moment

The musicians of Era for a Moment also put on commendable performances.  Lead guitarist Tim D’Agostino offered some good solos as well as solid back-up vocals with rhythm guitarist Matt Perry that complemented Shelby’s voice nicely.  Drummer Adam Barker had joined the band in August – but I wouldn’t have known it if Shelby hadn’t said so to the crowd.  Adam didn’t miss a beat the entire show.  The music sounded so cohesive and natural wit him that, in all honesty, it sounded like the current line-up has been together for years. 

First-rate shows by local bands are hard to come by.  Yet, that’s exactly what Era for a Moment did that October afternoon.  With strong songs and tight onstage chemistry, Shelby and her bandmates impressed long-time fans and undoubtedly made some new ones.  Hard rock bands are often the kind of acts that sound just as good when playing live as they do on CD.  And, Era for a Moment is definitely one of those bands.  If you live in the Boston area or plan to visit, and you want to experience some fierce, commanding live music, better put an Era for a Moment gig on your agenda.  You’ll be glad you did. 

Calling You
The D List
The Fire
Erase Yesterday
Risk the Scar
What If
Somebody’s Watching Me (Rockwell cover)

Check out Era for a Moment on Myspace http://www.myspace.com/eraforamoment  or Facebook http://www.facebook.com/EraforaMoment