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After Forever Meets Orpheus

After Forever Meets Orpheus
013, Tilburg, The Netherlands
December 22nd 2005

This was one of those special concerts this year I did not want to miss. Though I wasn’t the only one I had expected a bigger crowd. This was not a sold out concert. Those who weren’t there have missed a special evening, one of the best Dutch gothic metal bands performing in one of the best venues of the Netherlands with a complete orchestra!
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Metal Female Voices Fest III - Band Summary

Metal Female Voices Fest III - Band Summary

Oktoberhallen, Wieze Belgium, 22nd October 2005

So here’s the deal: Twelve bands alternating over two side-by-side stages (the main stage being bigger and having a kick-ass lighting rig) in a glorified aircraft hangar, backed up with an intricate timetable of interviews and photoshoots. Unfortunately a last-minute technical hitch meant the doors opened incredibly late, well after the first band was due on and the first photoshoot scheduled, and someone’s well-planned organisation went well and truly to cock.
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Metal Female Voices Fest III - Review

Metal Female Voices Fest III – Reporter’s-Eye View
Editorial by Sam B. Grant

Ah yes, the Metal Female Voices Fest. Or The Female Metal Voices Fest. The Female Fest of Metal Voices. There are only so many combinations of the name and I didn’t seem to be able to get any of them right over the course of the months before the event. It is, ostensibly, a festival whose name is variable, interchangeable and customisable depending on what you think makes the most sense. I pride myself to be very good with names, admirably good in fact. The amount of times I’ve met people at parties and have then been able to recall their personalities, faces, jobs and tie colour from somewhere inside my mental rolodex has been at the best of times, bewilderingly accurate. However, if the Metal Female Voices Fest were at a party and afterwards I had to remember what drinks it had and what kind of peanuts it favoured, I could still do that all the way down to the sheen on its spats, I just couldn’t remember what the hell it was called.
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