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Season's End - May 2006 Event

Season's End - May 2006 Event
Bristol Bierkeller 07.05.06

Season’s End, the bright young hopefuls from the UK’s Metal Female Voices scene, kicked off a twenty-four date tour at Camden Underworld in London on 29th March 2006 in support of their new live DVD, the final night bringing them to my home town of Bristol. The night’s bill also featured Karn8 and Neverwinter – both from the MFV scene although both very different in their approach – and while the latter were going through their paces I had the chance of a quick chat with Season’s End’s keyboard player Dave Smith. Understandably, he was a bit disappointed that the tour, like all good things, was coming to an end.
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After Forever, Nightmare, Crimson Tears Gig

After Forever/Nightmare/Crimson Tears Gig Review
The Garage, London
31st January 2006

I had been waiting for this one for a long time, planning everything in advance in order to get passes and a half-decent camera to take some blurry shots of the event. However, on walking up to the Garage at 7pm and expecting to see a long blackened slug of a queue oozing round the corner I was purely greeted with a small smattering of people looking cold and wondering why there was someone at the front of the queue in a green sporting jacket.
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Xandria - August 2006 Event


Xandria - Liquid Sky - Adasteria

Camden Underworld, London


 “I can only remember glimpses but great energy… And the crowd loved it!” – Alexandra, Adastreia

“It’s bloody hot in here; wish I wasn’t wearing a corset!” is my greeting from Alexandra, Adastreia’s drop-dead gorgeous singer, moments before the band had the privilege of kicking off one of the most exciting bills I’ve seen for some time, set up by our very own Sam Grant and Charlie Farrell.

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UK Female Voices Of Metal Festival

UK Female Voices Of Metal Festival
The Peel, London, 9th October 2005

The inaugural UK Female Voices Of Metal Festival was held in London in October and featured five bands, representing the cream of the UK crop.  The gig was the brainchild of Crimson Altar mainman Allan Lesser, and was inspired by the annual Metal Female Voices Festival.  “A similar event takes place each year in Belgium with all the big name bands usually in attendance,” he explained, “but there's no UK event.  As ours is a fast-growing, ever-increasing popular genre it seemed to make sense that there should be some sort of event or forum to promote it in the UK.  Especially so, when you consider that there are some decent bands of the genre over here. 
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