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Cradle of Filth + Behemoth @ Poppodium

Cradle of Filth + Behemoth
Poppodium 013 Jupiler zaal Tilburg (Netherlands)


On an ordinary Tuesday quite a number of metal heads gathered at Poppodium 013 to enjoy a mini-festival with co-headliners Cradle of Filth and Behemoth. The published time schedule was correct, although it was said that Cradle of Filth and Behemoth might change sequence. Jupiler, the large stage of 013, was filled very well when the headliners started to play. The start was quite early (doors open at 5pm) on a working day. That was visible in the limited number of visitors for the first band. Anyway it got better over time. The crowd was enthusiastic but a little quiet as Dani Filth (Cradle of Filth) said during his gig. Maybe it’s because of Tuesday, shortly after a weekend and with the new weekend still far away. After his request to make some more noise, the energy improved and with Behemoth it got to a more weekend level.

Cradle of Filth


Before the shows, the doors opened a little bit earlier for the ones that signed up for a signing session with Cradle of Filth. Not a contest but anyone that sent in an email was invited, a nice gesture. Due to my regular job I missed that part but for those that were not able to come that early, after their show was another chance at the merchandise booth.

The show opened with Svarttjern from Norway. This band is founded in 2003 by the brothers HansFyrste (vocals) and HaaN (guitar). Two other members of Svarttjern are in from the beginning Grimmdun (drums) and Fjellnord (guitar). The last member is Sgt. V (bass). They just released their third album Ultimatum Necrophilia. My Norwegian is not that good but I assume that “Svartt” refers to “Black” and matches their positioning: true Norwegian Black Metal. Why true? Black Metal has emerged from death and thrash metal into an extreme subgenre. A “second wave” started in the 1990’s more or less in Norway. Svarttjern want to align with that. The show meets the expectations of this subgenre ; both the music (fast tempos, shrieked vocals and the typical riffs) and their appearance on stage (painted faces and bodies). It created the setting for the rest of the evening.




Set list:

Upon Human Ending
Breathing Soil
Ultimatum Necrophilia
Hellig Jord
Stillborn Acolyte
Hymns for the Molested
Code Human

Second one was Inquisition from the US (formerly Colombian). They are also categorized as Black Metal but their music is a little more atmospheric: slow, deep and dark riffing combined with sudden tempo changes to faster sections based around blast beats and high-speed riffing. The line-up is also not standard as it is actually a duo that appears on stage: Dagon (guitar, vocals) and Incubus (drums). Their stage appearance was in line with Svarttjern. They released in their long existence (founded 1988, US based 1996) 6 albums. The last one (2013) is Obscure Verses for the Multiverse.




Before the headliners it was time for In Solitude from Sweden. In Solitude is Niklas Lindström (guitar), Gottfrid Ahman (bass), Pelle Ahman (vocals), Uno Bruniusson (drums) and Henrik Palm (guitar). They released 3 albums, most recent Sisters is from last year. To some extent they didn’t fit. Their stage appearance was les theatric, no painted faces or the like. They play straightforward heavy metal; however, their lyric themes (occultism, magic) fit. In the meantime the crowd got a little bigger and had with In Solitude an appropriate warm-up.


In Solitude 


Set list:
Death Knows Where
Horses in the Ground
A Buried Sun
Witches Sabbath

For people who started to think why was Sonic Cathedral present, the answer is Cradle of Filth with our friend Lindsay Schoolcraft on board. She was also the one that provided the correct names for the tour line-up. From the Cradle of Filth website line-up there were: Dani Filth (vocals), Daniel Firth (bass), Lindsay Schoolcraft (key, vocals) and Martin Skaroupka (drums). The two guitar players on tour are Richard Shaw and Ashok.


Cradle of Filth


As announced the show had a theatrical setup. Also was announced in the flyer of 013 that the songs would be a journey through the Cradle of Filth history of 11 albums. And as you can see in the set list it was. Interesting was that the majority of the songs were from the 90’s, some 20 years old but still very powerful. Only one song was played from the most recent album The Manticore and Other Horrors.

The opening was indeed theatrical with Dani coming up the stage in a cloak and with a mace. Underneath he had leatherish vest with leather “horns”. All aligned with the theatrical attributes on stage. The incense and smoke also created a special effect. The male frontline had all painted faces, Lindsay and Martin were less gaudy from that perspective. Lindsay had her show element in a flowered curved keyboard. Martin was a little on the side with his own stage and partly behind a transparent sound screen.


Cradle of Filth 


The show was dynamic and they obviously enjoyed being on stage. The keyboard and Lindsay’s vocals added the symphonic elements to the black metal songs. As written in the beginning, the direct request for more noise by Dani and the band’s dynamics made the crowd more active. The head banging on stage got better with the improved response from the audience. It was great to hear the old songs with some new flavors. The overall stage performance was lively and the frontline moved around and clearly interacted with the audience.


Cradle of Filth 


Set list:
Cthulhu Dawn (Midian - 2000)
A Dream of Wolves in the Snow (The Principle of Evil Made Flesh – 1994)
Summer Dying Fast (The Principle of Evil Made Flesh – 1994)
The Principle of Evil Made Flesh (The Principle of Evil Made Flesh – 1994)
Beneath the Howling Stars (Cruelty and the Beast – 1998)
For Your Vulgar Delectation (The Manticore and Other Horrors - 2012)
Haunted Shores (Dusk and Her Embrace – 1996)
Nymphetamine (Fix) (Nymphetamine – 2004)
Born in a Burial Gown (Bitter Suites to Succubi – 2001)
Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids (Cruelty and the Beast – 1998)
Her Ghost in the Fog (Midian - 2000)

Intermission (Ave Satani)
Funeral in Carpathia (Dusk and Her Embrace – 1996)


Cradle of Filth 


Larger and additional photos

Today Behemoth (Poland) closed the evening. After a long period, Behemoth released in the beginning of February a new album The Satanist. Their set was also is a journey in time. Here the focus was on the new album. What better way to illustrate the new chapter in Behemoth’s history after the break Nergal (vocals, guitar) had to make. With a move to brutal fast death metal, the black metal roots with hints to Satanism are still present. The title of the new album reflects that very well.

The show started similar to Cradle of Filth very theatrical. Nergal entered the stage with a cloak and fire. At the start of the gig the stage was lightened with fire pots. The frontline members Orion (bass, vocals), Nergal and Seth (guitar) were dressed in theatrical costumes. All had painted faces, as did Inferno (drums) on his private stage before the huge banner. They confirmed their reputation on stage with a great show that was well received by the crowd.




Set list:
Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel (The Satanist - 2014)
Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer (The Satanist - 2014)
Conquer All (Demigod - 2004)
Decade of Therion (Satanica - 1999)
As Above So Below (Zos Kia Cultus / Here and Beyond - 2002)
Slaves Shall Serve (Demigod - 2004)
Christians to the Lions (Thelema.6 - 2000)
Hidden in a Fog (Sventevith / Storming Near the Baltic - 1995)
The Satanist (The Satanist - 2014)
Ov Fire and the Void (Evangelion - 2009)
Furor Divinus (The Satanist - 2014)
Alas, Lord Is Upon Me (Evangelion - 2009)
At the Left Hand ov God (The Apostasy - 2007)
Chant for Eschaton 2000 (Satanica - 1999)
O Father O Satan O Sun! (The Satanist - 2014)

Larger and additional photos

This concert did not feature my most preferred kind of music, but I had an enjoyable evening a little outside my comfort zone. Cradle of Filth, the main reason I was there, with the more symphonic elements impressed me and left a good feeling. I also enjoyed meeting Lindsay and Dianne (Ex Libris, Xandria) and Merel (MaYaN) after the show.