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Band Interviews

Band Interviews

MacBeth Interview 2005

MacBeth Interview 2005
By: C.
With: Fabrizio of MacBeth

Upon reading my review of the latest Macbeth album for Sonic Cathedral, I was contacted by the band’s management and asked if I would like to conduct an interview. As I had never interviewed a band before I decided to do what I felt was easiest and compile a list of questions for the band to answer by e-mail. I received a prompt answer from Macbeth drummer/lyricist/songwriter Fabrizio.

I tried to cover as many bases as I could, and in the following you will read about the band’s history from their beginnings in the late ‘90s starting with their demo recording Nocturnal Embrace; the process behind the making of their latest album Malae Artesas well as their latest tour, and their plans and hopes for the future. You will read about what inspires the bandmembers, from everything to their fans to the matter of the outside world that inspires their lyrics.
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