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Band Interviews

Band Interviews

Evilion Interview

Interview performed via email.

Q: Tell us a little bit about how the members of Evilion all got together and started making music.

Eero: I have known Jani since I was a kid, and we had been talking about starting a band together for quite some time. Then Jani and Anna called me up one New Year’s Eve and threatening to do some nasty things to me if I don’t show up. Something about assorted vegetables and body orifices... So I guess I had no chance but to join the band when they so kindly asked me.

Anna: All of us have known Jani for a long time. We just decided to make some brilliant music together.

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Pamela Moore Interview 2007

Pamela Moore Interview
Conducted by C in October 2007

As a longtime Queensryche fan, when I was asked by the staff at Sonic Cathedral if I would like to conduct an interview with Pamela Moore, better known to Rychers as the voice of "Suite Sister Mary", I didn’t need to be asked twice whether or not I wanted to give the interview. For someone who has listened to this band since the tender age of 11 (and am now…many years older!), and have heard Pamela’s voice filter through my speakers more than once throughout the days of my life---especially more recently now as the main female character of the latest Queensryche album Operation Mindcrime: II---this was definitely a dream interview for me, and I couldn’t wait to get to work!

But, to be honest, I did not know a thing about Pamela’s musical repertoire outside of her contributions to the Mindcrime saga, so I was looking even more forward to learning the story behind this distinctive voice; how she became the voice of Sister Mary, and all that she has become beyond and because of this unique character that she first embodied nearly two decades ago.

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Phoenix Reign Interview

Phoenix Reign Interview

C: Tell us a little about the recording process of the album.

Theresa: This album took over a year to complete. Since we’re self-produced, we basically had our hands in the pot in every aspect of recording, from conception to printing. We physically recorded the basic tracks at Spin Studios in Astoria, Queens, which was a lot of fun. The studios are known for their other prestigious clients such as Alex Skolnick, Chris Caffery and the rest of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. After we laid down drums, bass, rhythm, etc., we moved on to our producer Themi Kyriazis’s home studio and completed vocals and leads, as well as mixing. It was an intense process but honestly, looking back on it, those weekends we spent hanging out with Themi were always fun, comparing notes on metal, eating, having a drink and creating Destination Unknown!

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