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Esseker - Sombras

Esseker - CD Review




CD Info
Self released
9 tracks
Spanish lyrics


This is probably going to be one of the more confusing reviews I’ve written, and, interestingly enough, it covers material I’ve listened to as much as anything I’ve ever covered. Probably going to be a lot of mistakes, I apologize for that, but the stuff in the release, well, just take my word for it, it’s solid. If you have a problem with Spanish lyrics, well, that’s your problem. They work for me and I can’t imagine them presented any other way.

Well, lets start by saying I don’t even know for sure what the tracks are. I have several alternatives, some might be in the release, some probably aren’t. But, with this band, who the fook cares, everything I’ve heard from them is killer. I‘m thinking the band might be called Esseker Seville, maybe not. Maybe some of them are from Seville. Who cares. I was concerned the Spanish was a bit difficult to understand. Then they told me the singer was a Russian. Somewhere the dialect probably went north, here I was looking south. These are the times that try a reviewers grasp on reality, but, like I said, the music is so good it doesn’t matter in the cosmic eternity we all function in. Plus, I’ve got a 12 pack of Louie”s Demise from Milwaukee Brewery so everything’s good, or at least good enough.

So, lets start with what I think I know. And that’s not much. I have something in iTunes that is suppose to be the actual release. It’s not. About half way through I track out to the new material from Crimson Chrysalis from Africa, which, by the way is killer as well. But, it’s African and sung in English and done by someone from a long ways from Russia. Get’s fookin’ confusing, doesn’t it. I also have a link from the band which talks about completely different material for the most part. They sent me lyrics too, but they take a third road. So, if you really want to follow what I’m talking about, I’d suggest large quantities of liquor or your favorite recreational drug. Then, believe what you choose and abandon the rest. This isn’t Rolling Stone ya know.

Fortunately, some musically enhanced soul put most of this stuff on YouTube and that’s what I’m going to focus on here, nothing else makes sense. Of course, even here things get mighty confusing, especially after a number of hits from Louie’s Demise. So, what I’m gonna do is just send you to some material in YouTube and try to make some intelligent comments about it, and give you some lyrical interpretation that, hopefully, makes sense outside my beer soaked mind.

So, where to begin. I guess we could take the title track which sure as hell don’t sound Russian. And, since I’ve never been to Seville, at least not to my knowledge, I’m not sure if this represents that part of the Spanish landscape or not. Of course, being a fundamental supporter of Spanish liquor, I might have spent significant parts of my life there. Beyond that, I should probably point out that the band did, actually, comment on where they’re from, went like this, “Yes, we are now four members in the band, because we're looking for a bass player. Two of us are from Seville, another one from Malaga ( close city ) and the singer is Russian from Saratov but she lives in Seville for more than 10 years.” Well, that’s gospel, my lies will continue shortly. But, the band did point out some additional truth that is of interest. “Esseker emerges from the piano compositions of Kristina Filipovska,main songwriter of the band. Her classical music studies in Saratov (Russia) along with her rock experiences in several rock bands in Spain align with the raw and melodic definition of the music of Esseker.” Truth. And, they introduced the rest of the band thusly: “Esseker is completed with Victor on drums, James and Manu on guitars and Chino on bass.” And there you have it.

Well, anyway, the music does head in some interesting directions. Jaula is a rocker in the best tradition of the genre, and it hits me where I live. I clearly missed this stuff in the bars in Valencia while living there. The band provided some lyrical stuff and it’s in English and Spanish. Can’t seem to find the Russian equivalent anywhere. But the limited symphonic is enough to keep me up nights and it’s done so on more than one occasion. The lyrics go something like this:

Quiero escapar de mi verdad / Quiero tener mi libertad.
I want to hide from my real self / And finally feel free

El odio de tus manos se dibuja en mi piel.
You draw hate on my skin with only you bare hands
Me encierro en el dolor que no me deja ir de aquí.
Am locked alone in pain, and cannot escape from here
Mi alma perdida en un rincón de este infierno, salvame...
Lost soul in the darkest place in this this hell/in hell, (please) save me!!

Damn sure, I got cher Gothic right here.

En Otro Mundo was one that struck me on several levels. It’s one of the finer selections on the release, solid symphonic material that takes a different look at reality. The sound is clearly metal with a dose of the ethereal, this one takes us to a different place. But, that title, ring a bell for you? There was a French band a while ago, one of the great Gothic sounds from the continent, Dark Sanctuary, who did something with a similar title, only in French. That title was L'autre Monde, an eerily similar approach to the music. I talked to Esseker about it, they never heard of it. Ah well, they both play well in Wisconsin. And, interestingly enough, there are some Russian lyrics.

Another one that was very much of interest was Tim Burtom. Can’t tell you much about this one but you have to admit the title is interesting. And, I must admit this is one I’ve listened to a bunch. I kinda understand what it’s about but, more than anything, with this one, you listen to the music, the pulse, the intensity of the vocal. We get solid guitar work, killer drums and a vocal that tears at the heart of your reality. The keyboard stuff in the middle is extraterrestrial. But, this one is pretty much representative of what we get with this release, solid instrumental work driving a femme vocal that is beyond compare.

Esseker is hidden in the Spanish landscape, somewhere in Spain. You won’t find a lot about them on line and, what you find is in Spanish. But, with music this good it really doesn’t matter what language it’s delivered in. One final track to soothe the savage beast, this one is Cancion Triste. Again, metal at the top of the category, delivered by a Spanish band with a Russian vocalist. Hard to top that combination. Not sure how you get your hands on it, not sure about distribution. But, I’ve damn near run my multiple copies into the ground. And I’m feeling much the better for it. Louie’s Demise only makes it better.