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Lacuna Coil - Live in Paris

Lacuna Coil in Paris

Seeing one of your favorite bands live never gets old. Thus, though this was my fourth time seeing Lacuna Coil and I had literally just seen them the weekend before at MFVF, I was quite excited to go to yet another show. Hell, I had even caught the Dark Legacy tour on its US circuit already too (on my birthday, no less!), but I wasn’t going to miss a chance to see a personal favorite of mine once again. So, on a cold October night, after I got back from the muddy trenches of the Somme (seriously, we had a field trip that day), I waited in a rather long line at the Alhambra in Paris for what promised to be a great show. I should know, I’ve seen it already.

Lacuna Coil

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Nightwish / Kamelot Live Review

Nightwish / Kamelot Live Review
Centerstage - Atlanta Georgia
September 2012

The day finally came and I packed my bags for my journey to the holy land of metal, Atlanta GA. As I drove, all I could think of was that my dream and inspiration for the whole reason I promote female musicians was about to come full circle. That reason being, Nightwish was going to play on the very stage where the story of my inspiration came to life, the story of Marc Bruland and his moment on stage with his hero and mine, Tuomas Holopainen of Nightwish. Marc had cancer and was dying and he was an avid fan of Nightwish. Tuomas heard his story and went to visit him in California and they became good friends. Marc's last wish was to see Nightwish in concert one last time, so upon hearing that Nightwish was going to play at ProgPowerUSA, plans were made for him to make the journey despite his health. He was determined to make his dream come true. And it did. The magic of that moment will forever be unmatched at any other event. For the full story , please get yourself a copy of "Once Upon a Nightwish" by Mape Ollila. This book is the seed of my passion and it is where I first heard of ProgPowerUSA. If you know my back story then you will know the effects on my life that this book has had and it's all because of Marc and his determination to make his dream come true. So hear I was, about to have a lot of my dreams come true and I have Glenn and Jen Harveston to thank for all of that.

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Halestorm - Live at the Nouveau Casino, Paris, France

Halestorm - Live at the Nouveau Casino
Paris, France - October 5, 2012

Halestorm has been quite a success back in the US, and despite the fact that the band and I are from the same state, and they play in my area all the time, I have never actually seen them live. Then again, for some strange reason, I was never really into Halestorm before. Perhaps it’s because Revolver Magazine flaunts them like some precious diamond, putting lead singer Lzzy Hale in their Hottest Chicks in Metal feature for years in a row now. Or maybe it’s because I heard that they used (a vehemently censored version of) one of their songs on Glee. Who knows? But since I was in Paris, and they were going to be in town, and I also happened to have free tickets (a big thank you to John Thornburgh!), I figured I’d check them out.

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Therion, Elyose, and Antalgia - Live at Le Bataclan in Paris

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  • Published: October 13 2012
  • By John Thornburgh
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Therion / Elyose / Antalgia
Live in Paris - October 2012

Since this is my first review for Sonic Cathedral, I should probably introduce myself briefly. I’m a longtime metal fan, growing up with Iron Maiden and Judas Priest as favorites. In the last several years, female-fronted metal has become my passion. My top three are Within Temptation, Delain, and Epica.

I’m currently lucky enough to be living in Paris for a year. Coming from San Diego, California, where I often wait months between concerts, I’m like my daughter in a chocolate shop. I’ve been going to two amazing concerts per week!

This week started with Swedish metal legends Therion, celebrating their 25th anniversary.  They put on a marathon two-hour set that showcased their impeccable musicianship.  They sounded as good or better live as they do on CD.


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