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Tapping the Vein - Dracula's Ball 2009

Tapping the Vein - Live in Concert

October 31st 2009

Dracula's Ball Philadelphia Pennsylvania


Tapping the Vein

Rainy, October 31, 2009 Dracula’s Ball Philadelphia PA and a sold out concert. Certainly being no stranger to the event, Tapping The Vein was at the very first Ball and had come back home for the 48th. For Dope Stars Inc., it was their very first Dracula’s Ball. With wall-to-wall costume clad music fans awaiting the show and having a good time. Ghouls, goblins, mummies, witches, windup dolls, butterflies, angels, devils, maids-in-waiting, Shaggy, vampires, wizards, cowboys, pumpkins, mimes, and aristocrats, all eager to hear the music of both Tapping The Vein, and Dope Stars Inc.

While many songs were from their latest cd, Tapping The Vein also did songs from all previous releases. Songs included "FALLING IN", "FINGERTIPS","THE LEDGE", "BUTTERFLY" from "The Damage" ; "THE RIVER" from " Undone" ; "BEAUTIFUL" from "Undone" and "The Damage"; also "BURN", and "PARTY FAVORS" from their latest release "Another Day Down".

The crowd seemed to stand there dazed and listening. Perhaps, it was just at that space and time, for me everything else stood still. No wonder, it was as if a skywriter had just flown across the sky leaving the trail of words and emotions stirred because of those words with every syllable from Heather’s mouth right there in the face of everyone in the audience. The power commanded what an amazing stage presence! It was obvious every ounce of energy that could be found, was. Not just by Heather, but by the band in unison.

If you have not had the pleasure of seeing Tapping The Vein in concert, which until this concert, I had not, you are truly missing out on an opportunity of a lifetime to hear and experience music real beyond definition. Those listeners familiar with the music of Tapping The Vein recognize their ability to spellbind with stories sung boldly from the little frame of Heather Thompson. Given the opportunity to experience them in concert, the listener finds themselves in total awe watching the portrayals take place on stage in bigger than life, with in your face truths, booming their way ever deeper into the soul.

Tapping the Vein

Guitarist Mark Burkert and bass player Joe Rolland seem to enjoy the stage thoroughly. Each perform with a slightly different stage persona, yet both display impeccable talent and their overwhelming gifts of self to the audience. An invisible bond between the band and the audience begins with the first note and grows stronger throughout the duration of the concert.

Add to that the electrifying raw energy and talent bursting out of every seam holding the, apparently, not so fragile frame of Heather Thompson together and you have an unbreakable, unshakable, and undeniable chain of an almost kindred spirit circling and lifting, the audience out of their seats into a state of mesmerized levitation. The only time the bond was broken was when the concert was over the magic ended. The magic that Tapping The Vein brings to and shares with their audience is a magic unmatched, unprecedented and, in the aftermath, craved for with bittersweet dreams of longing. The only possible complaint, due in part to the rareness of appearances, is that the concert was too short. Tapping The Vein gave the type of performance that is so extremely rare and leaves the audience to experience a deep sense of longing and emptiness only remedied by the next Tapping The Vein concert experience. The audience can only hope it does not take very long. When that next opportunity does arise, I will certainly be there. After witnessing what we did in the audience, there is no way that I can imagine anyone in the audience could be elsewhere when that next opportunity arises.

Heather Thompson is a very gifted performer. She gives more than everything she possibly can to her audience. At one point in the concert, it was apparently very hot up on stage, but she kept right on going, showing her love to the audience. With that type of loyalty, it would be difficult not to return the kindness magnified and multiplied.

Dope Stars Inc.

Victor Love – Producer, Vocals, Guitar, Synthesizers, Drum Machine

Fabrice La Nuit – Guitar, Live Backing Vocals

Darin Yevonde – Bass, Live Backing Vocals

As for Dope Stars Inc., having flown in from Italy for the show, it was their first US concert, and many more are sure to follow. Their lineup of songs included "Bang Your Head", "Make a Star", "Theta Titanium", and "It’s Today". There is no doubt, the audience loved them, and the night will go down in history.

Many thanks to Dancing Ferret, Dracula’s Ball, Shampoo, Isolation Tank, Dope Stars Inc., and Tapping The Vein for such an amazing and unforgettable evening of entertainment. In addition, very special thanks go to two young women at the concert for your assistance.

Tapping the Vein

Tapping the Vein are:

Mark Burkert - Guitar

Eric Fisher - Drums, Sampling, & Programming

Joe Rolland - Bass

Heather Thompson – Vocals