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Menagerie - In Moderation

Menagerie - CD Review
In Moderation

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Goatland Music

9 Tracks

English lyrics

Morrigan's Call CD



Menagerie is a lightly progressive gothic rock band from United States of America and this is their second disc. Their songs are crunchy guitar-driven with occasional backing keys, sometimes spacey, with a focus on melancholic atmosphere rather than catchiness or accessible hooks. Indeed, there is an interesting lightly progressive complexity and variety in their melodies that demands reasonably careful listening to fully appreciate. Comparisons could be made to Persephone’s Dream, though In Moderation is much more poignant and not nearly as upbeat or warm. Indeed, there is often an almost distressed coldness that well reflects the lyrics; they are beautifully poetic and intriguing, filled with plaints of frustration, rejection and sadness.

Their female vocalist, Brooke Mayfield, has a brooding, somewhat weary alto vocal approach that matches the music perfectly. Though her range is somewhat limited she has a darkly emotive delivery that adds another layer of angst to the melancholy arrangements. Indeed, she really brings the lyrics to life, as if the experiences they relate are very near and dear to her heart.

Though well-written, executed and quite affecting, the pervasively dark and cheerless atmosphere of In Moderation eventually becomes oppressive and depressing. This is perhaps exactly the effect the band is hoping to have on the listener, especially considering the lyrics; if so, the disc is an unqualified success even if not exactly what one would call an enjoyable listen. Then again, if the approach and lyrical content of this disc resonates with the listener it could be one of their most deeply emotive and satisfying listens.

For more information visit the band’s MySpace site http://myspace.com/menagerienola or http://www.menagerieband.com

7.0 / 10