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Eyes of Eden - Faith

Eyes of Eden - CD Review

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Metropolis Records

12 Tracks

English  Lyrics


Eyes of Eden is a gothic metal band from Germany and this is their first disc. They play nicely heavy, upbeat, rocking, very accessible songs with a light pop feel, reminiscent of Comalies-era Lacuna Coil. The songs are primarily lightly crunchy guitar-driven with a slightly complex busyness that gives the songs a rich and interesting musical texture, along with unusually thick, well-defined bass that adds a very pleasant warmth and fullness. Although there are no keys there is occasional violin and frequent clean guitars, both of which make for a nice dynamic contrast with the prominent bass. Most of the songs are short and compact with at least one extremely memorable hook – usually a melody or chorus but sometimes a riff or bass riff.

Their female vocalist, Franziska Huth, has quite a unique singing style. While essentially a smooth, expressive "little girl" style in terms of pitch and articulation, she often sings in a contrastingly quite high register with a penetrating delivery that is filled with enthusiasm; the vocal variety adds an even additional richness to the texture of the music. Sandra Schleret, who was the original vocalist for Eyes of Eden but had to leave due to health problems before the disc was completed, provides excellent backing vocals on many songs.

Eyes of Eden are already extremely talented at writing short, interesting, memorable, yet not simplistic songs that quickly and easily stick in your mind. This is almost certainly their forte, as they undertake one long song, the last one on the disc, and do not have nearly the same success – the 10-minute song, "Not Human Kind", while it has some interesting moments, for the most part tends to lose focus and can be a bit tedious in places. This is a minor complaint, however, for what is otherwise a stellar lightly commercial gothic metal disc.

For more information visit the band’s MySpace site: http://www.myspace.com/eyesofedenband or http://www.eyesofeden.de

8.5 / 10