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Orkrist - Reginae Myterium

Orkrist -  CD Review
Reginae Myterium
CD Info
Forensick Music
11 Tracks-38:53
Slovakia-English lyrics

Another in a long line of great finds from Slovakia. Along with country mates "Thalarion" and "Galadriel", just to name a couple, there seems to be no end in sight for the great music coming from this Eastern European land. Only thing different about these five musicians is there not on the Mighty Music label as are the other two. But make no mistake; they are as highly talented as any out there. Basically, the line-up is the same as the two bands I mentioned at the beginning of this review. Five persons; four guys, one lady. Guitars, Keyboards, Drums, and Flute are played admirably by Lydia. No, nothing groundbreaking, just some more great music for us all to savor. And as for lovers of this strange dark gothic music, savor you will. There is a long dark history to the woods of Eastern Europe that is being brought to us by talents such as these. So much horror and despair is what I feel when I listen to all of this eerie music, I'm only sorry, it doesn't give me nightmares.

How can I not begin with Lydia? Writing for two of the most renowned femme music based informatives on the net, Metal Maidens Mag and Sonic Cathedral; it would be an insult to my readers, if I did not. So Lydia Lacova becomes first and foremost in this writing. She sings and plays the flute. Geez, how unusual. (just kidding). In her bio, she states that Tarja of "Nightwish", is an influence. Nothing new here either. Seems most of the ladies singing today, either use the names Tarja or Anneke as an influence. And as far as I'm concerned, I want to hear all of the Tarja/Anneke clones, I can get my ears on. Lydia though, has a voice not unlike either of them. She is as operatic as Tarja and as soulful as Anneke. Simply put, and I must have said this a thousand times already, she has a nice voice. This is a short album at 38:53, so you don't get as much of Lydia as you would like. But nevertheless, she is an intrical part of the music's flow. Rest of the players are first names only, for this review. Crom-Synthesizers and Vocals, Khayo-Guitars, Kabi (no longer a member)-Bass and Pyros-Drums. All are pretty adept with their instruments.

The music is hard to describe. It's kind of raw at times. I'll start with Black metal that has allot of elements of Gothic and Medieval Folk in it. There are also allot of references to Vampirism. Most of the vocals on the album are Black male voices with some clean male vocals here and there. The album begins with a short intro (what else?) "Apron-LegioDiabolica" and fades right into the second track "Nocturnal Rite". On this track, we are introduced to the angelic voice of Lydia, amongst a backdrop of sinister voices which I suppose are devil's of some sort. Anyway, it is a mid tempo to fast song that gives you Lydia in both forms, voice and flute. A good beginning of what's to come. From this point on the album proceeds as some sort of strange ritual, dueling male sinister voices interspersed with female choir, background vocals, at times. The sinister vocals are not bad, as these types of vocals go. At this point in the album, I am reminded of bands such as "Theatres des Vampires", "Notre Dame" or even "Darzamat" with its medieval folk influences. The medieval folk is most evident on track five, "Sword and Sorcery", where Lydia is upfront and solo to express her emotions. In between the vocal songs, there are segues or instrumentals. Most notable songs, for us female enthusiasts would be the ones that Lydia is a vocal part of. So far, the tracks I have mentioned and for the rest of the album songs such as "Justice the Beauty", which is an example of the emotion in Lydia's voice. Also the final track "Epilogue" has to be a highlight of the album. So, if you are squeamish about sinister male vocals in your music, stay away. But if you like them with angelic female vocals, then by all means, this is for you. I, myself, am not squeamish about anything in music. Just another, in a long line of new stars that brighten my day, and night.