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Blue Season - Cold

Blue Season - CD Review

CD Info
Greyfall Records
10 tracks
English lyrics

If you have ever wondered, what bands such as "Entwine" or "To Die For", would sound like, with more, much more, female vocals, then look no further than Germany's, "The Blue Season". A relatively unknown entity in Gothic music circles, "The Blue Season" has graced my ears with their sophomore release entitled "Cold". Their debut album "Secede" (2001), went virtually unnoticed amid all of the other outstanding efforts by bands of this genre, in that fantastic year. But wait a minute! If this album doesn't put the band into a higher space, then I don't know what they have to do to be noticed. Anyway, I have noticed them and am here to tell you, this is one of my top 10 Gothic Rock/Metal albums for 2003, so far. The album represents the perfect balance between male and female vocals any release in this genre could accomplish. The stunning vocals of Natalie Pereira Dos Santos (female) and Oliver Zillich (male, absolutely no growls), are a testament to that statement. They do solo and duet throughout theses ten tracks which alternate from Gothic Metal to Gothic Rock. But no matter how you slice it. It's Gothic in the same vein as the aforementioned bands. I've even heard it described as Gothic Retro Rock, whatever that means.

Now, what can I tell you about Natalie as a singer? First off, which is the easy part, her voice is beautiful to listen to. If you like voices such as Christina Scabbia's of "Lacuna Coil" or Kemi Vita of "The Dreamside" or of newcomer Cat from "Mortal Beauty" then you won't be disappointed with what you hear from Natalie. No, I am not saying she is anywhere in the class of the other's, just using them as point of reference. Trust me, she has a nice voice. As for the other side of this vocal tandem, Oliver Zillich has a normal sounding Gothic voice, not too deep. Let's just say mid tone and he and Natalie were made to be together. The rest of the players are an admirable back up to all the wonderful vocal arrangements. Beginning with Guitar and Piano player, Jochen Laser, whose riffs really drive the songs to there crescendo. Bernd Konig supplies the heavy beats on the Bass. Oliver Wiabel and Christoph Semmelrodt make it groove with percussion (and congas) and Drums, respectively.

Where the music on the debut album "Secede" was a bit restrained, on "Cold" the band seem more at ease and the music is more up-beat and confident. Not to say that "Secede" was a bad album. To the contrary, anyone who's had the pleasure of hearing it knows what I mean. Let's just say the music on the new album is more mature and diverse. For instance, with the opening track "Forever Torn" and the following track "Release", you'll immediately hear the differences from "Secede". They have a more up-beat and melodic style for these two rocking tunes. They are followed by a nice Gothic ballad, "Forsaken" which has a nice melodic and memorable chorus that you'll be singing to yourself hours after hearing it. At this point in the album, I am suddenly reminded of that other German Goth rock band, "The Gallery" (what ever happened to them?), not as heavy, but with a similar melodic path and style, although Oliver's voice is not as deep as Gunnar Mothes. And also, Natalie has somewhat of a similar vocal style with Anje Mothes, now that I think of it, but much more on the emotional side. Anyway, from this point on, I am hearing some very nice Gothic melodies and interacting vocals. With some inspired tracks such as "Autumn", "My Own Spring", and the title track, "Cold", the listener is treated to some beautiful music comparable to anything by bands of this genre. Anyone who is into the aforementioned bands plus "The Crest", "Bloodflowerz" or even "Charon", will simply fall in love with this effort by "The Blue Season". Don't forget the name. They’re going to be BIG!