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Edge of Paradise - Alive

Edge of Paradise – Alive

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I loved Edge of Paradise’s 2015 album Immortal Waltz so I was very excited to hear their new album Alive. I wasn’t disappointed. The album starts with the title track, which picks up right where Immortal Waltz left off. However, that doesn’t mean there are no surprises. Far from it, the Alive album sees EOP experimenting with new sounds, heavier and more industrial.

Regardless, the opening song “Alive” highlights all of EOP’s strengths: urgent and otherworldly vocals, in the tradition of Ronnie James Dio, from Margarita Monet; compelling rhythms from bassist Nick Ericson and drummer John Chominsky; and major riffage from guitarist Dave Bates. The guitar is actually a major plus of EOP; unlike some other bands in the genre, EOP has a classic guitar-driven sound. You can check this out in the video for “Alive,” where Dave is looking cool leaning against the wall and showing off his mastery of the instrument, starting at about 2:06. Margarita also looks fabulous in this video (as always), and I dig her female Rob Halford outfit. I hope she wears it on stage. (As a digression, EOP are fantastic live. Be sure to check them out if you have the chance. They will soon start a U.S. tour to support the Alive album, and they will also appear at the FemME festival in the Netherlands in September, with Delain.)

“Alive” also has a cool message. As explained by Margarita, the song “is dealing with us humans being so caught up in the digital world, obsessed with convenience and monetary gain, we have begun to sacrifice our humanity. We are becoming corporate led consumer machines! We get lost in the enticing virtual reality that we forget what real human interaction feels like. Break away from bombardment of advertisements, social standards, never ending race with time and just breathe, and remember what it’s like to feel alive! To connect with our fellow humans and the world!” That sentiment echoes the message of my favorite EOP song, “Break Away.”

The next song on Alive, “Dust to Dust,” is where EOP’s industrial experimentation really starts. The music, beat, and even Margarita’s voice sound more Marilyn Manson than Ronnie James Dio on this song. But it’s still really good! “Be who you wanna be, feel what you wanna feel, love how you wanna love,” Margarita chants to a club beat. Great stuff.

Next up is the album’s ballad, “Mystery,” about the tragedy and beauty of life, the universe, and everything. Margarita is a lifelong pianist so piano ballads like this come naturally to her, and are well suited to the softer side of her voice.

After that is the album’s other released single and video, “Shade of Crazy.” This song represents a heavier version of the band’s classic sound and is probably my favorite on the album. I could lose myself forever in the fast drums and seductive vocals starting at about 1:50. I can’t complain about Margarita’s amazing hair and look in the video either.

The album finishes with “Humanoid,” another Mansonesque industrial song. It works well. But sadly that’s the end. Alive is just a 5-song EP. Hopefully another full length will soon follow. In the meantime, I will wear out the bits on my phone’s flash drive re-listening to Alive. I highly recommend it!

You can learn more about Edge of Paradise on their Facebook and webpage. Also be sure to check out Alive’s nice cover art, by artist Timo Wuerz, who also did Immortal Waltz.