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The Sea Awake - The Sea Awake

The Sea Awake – CD Review
The Sea Awake

The Sea Awake – The Sea Awake 


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12 Tracks
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The Sea Awake is a rock band from Astoria, New York. They released their self – titled debut album this year. The sound they create is circa 1990s indie rock with a dash of math rock guitar. Female and male voices blending well in harmony. I found them on a banner for a progressive show in October featuring Edensong amongst others. Sea Awake will be supporting Edensong on their tour this year.

After listening to their debut for a while, I am reminded of the Innocence Mission from Lancaster, PA. They have similar tones and themes in their music. That overarching high pitched lead guitar and those soft vocals are simultaneously relaxing and comforting.

The band describes their music in this way, “On their surface, the songs' anthemic choruses and sing-a-long boy-girl harmonies are instantly accessible. A layer deeper, the music weaves subtle counterpoint with delicately-structured guitar voicings, purposely drawing and releasing each measured sonic breath while its organic heart pulses outwardly to sustain the careful suspensions and thoughtful dissonance, whether building to a crashing swell or dissolving to a gentle decay”. Yes, a sea…awake”.

Yes, their music does move in soft peaking waves that both comfort and lift spirits. The band is made up of: Joe Morse, on vocals and bass; Alie Jimenez, vocals and keys, and lead vocals on “Hollow”; Jeremy Daigle, on guitar; Andrew Bortnyk, on guitar; and Phil Lherisson, on drums. Frank Chiodo created the album artwork.

Every song on this album has powerful value. But my favorites were the opener “Songs of Home”, with its excellent early high note guitar and great vocal harmonies. “Mountains” is another favorite full of great rhythm and more drum interplay. “Hollow”, with its innovative lead guitar duels and Alie Jimenez’s soft, challenging vocals. “Legacy”, the closer is a powerful statement full of excellent guitar work and those great vocal harmonies.

I recommend you give this band a chance and I doubt you will be disappointed. The musicianship is top notch and the vocal harmonies are perfect.

Songs of Home
Dying Star
New Unreachable
Your Move
Recovery Room
Kindergarten Aliens