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Stitched Up Heart - Never Alone

Stitched Up Heart – CD Review
Never Alone


Stitched Up Heart – Never Alone


CD Info
Another Century Records
11 tracks
English lyrics

Stitched Up Heart is an up and rising quartet coming from Los Angeles, USA. Their origin gives a clue about their sound, which is a very up-to-date style of rock music. It’s fresh, it’s suitably heavy, and it shoots straight at you. According to their front-lady, Mixi Demner, the band was formed by her and guitarist Merritt Goodwin while she was going through a serious heartbreak. This fact relates a lot to the band’s name, which is meant to give people strength and courage.

The title of their debut album Never Alone is another message from the band to their listeners -- they are not the only ones going through difficult times. The whole album is like a guide on how to cope, by making the best of things while trying to see the positive side of every bad situation. As well, the titles of the tracks are very direct and give a clear picture of what every song is all about. As for the band’s sound, I would say they remind me a lot of In This Moment’s latest efforts, but not in the way of being a rip-off of them. Besides, a debut album is always a tricky one since the band is still shaping its sound and finding its identity.

Never Alone opens with “Finally Free” and “Monster” both of which have been hit singles according to Billboard’s music charts and, it’s no wonder this since they are the best tracks of the album by far! On “Monster”, Mixi demonstrates her more aggressive side as a vocalist, and this happens on a smaller scale on other tracks as well. “Catch Me When I Fall” is another beautiful and soon-to-be-a hit track, which clearly proves that these guys have a talent for writing epic and catchy choruses that stuck in someone’s mind. “Event Horizon” brings a bit of a sci-fi feeling; it’s a nice allegory for the change that happens in someone’s life once she/he decides to stand up on her/his feet and go on with her/his life.

The album goes on with “It’s So Easy”, which is definitely the song to play when you kiss someone goodbye. It contains the lyrics “just read between the lines”, but if you blast this out to your soon-to-be your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, I can assure you that there will be no need for them to read between the lines! On the title-track (“Never Alone”), Mixi speaks to the listener through another allegory to describe someone’s feelings once they are left alone to deal with everything in life. “Now That You’re Gone” is all about losing someone you love (it’s pretty obvious from the title, isn’t it?), and it may leave you feeling a bit blue. But then comes the ultimate sexy rock anthem (“Turn You On”), which is a shout-out to every dominatrix out there! In “Bleeding Out”, Mixi shows her potentials as a vocalist, proving to be a very gifted one indeed. “City Of Angels” is another heavy track, which leads to the closing track “I Can’t Breathe”; by far the darkest song of the album which would make Lady Gaga really proud.

All in all, Never Alone deals with the unpleasant aspects of relationships, but not in a hopeless way, as the band tries to show that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. Allow me to make a guess here -- in a few years, this band will be a leading name in the scene, playing countless shows over the world. They are totally worth your time and money!