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Visions of Atlantis - Old Routes-New Waters

Visions of Atlantis -EP Review
Old Routes-New Waters

 Visions of Atlantis – Old Routes-New Waters


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Napalm Records
5 Tracks
English Lyrics

A current, common trend in Metal Music is that bands that female fronted bands are changing their vocalists. Along with the change, many of those bands are releasing EPs so that listeners have a chance to hear the band with the new vocalist. Such is the case with Visions of Atlantis, the Melodic/Symphonic Metal Band from Austria. They have released a new EP titled Old Routes – New Waters, which features both their new female vocalist, Clémentine Delauney, and their new male vocalist, Siegfried Samer. The band is performing songs from their earlier albums which they have re-recorded. Advancements in technology help the band achieve a tighter sound both vocally and instrumentally, while keeping their Symphonic Metal roots. This release is a prelude to a full length CD that is to be released in the future.

Visions of Atlantis was formed in Bruck an der Mur, Styria, Austria, in 2000 when members Werner Fiedler, Thomas Caser, Christian Stani and Chris Kamper were inspired by the Finnish Metal Band Nightwish, and the myth of Atlantis. Their first female vocalist, Nicole Bogner, joined and the band was formed. The band has undergone multiple changes, with many of the original members leaving at different times, and then returning, with the exception of Nicole and Christian. Thomas has remained in the band from the beginning. In December, 2013, we have the present lineup, in which Werner Fiedler (guitars), Chris Kamper (Keyboards) re-joined Thomas Caser (drums). Michael Koren (bass) was added also with male vocalist Siegfried Samer (Dragony, ex-Eleftheria) and female vocalist Clémentine Delauney.

In addition to Old Routes – New Waters, the band has released Maria Magdalena (2011) as an EP. They made a compilation titled Favorites (2011) and a demo, Morning in Atlantis (2000). Full length albums released by Visions of Atlantis include Eternal Endless Infinity (2002), Castaway (2004), Trinity (2007), Delta (2011) and Ethera (2013).

The EP opens with “Lovebearing Storm,” which is from their first album. The instruments are much crisper on this version, especially the drums. This song definitely showcases the Symphonic Metal style. The transitions are very smooth throughout the song as the texture varies between light, with little instrumentation, to thick involving the full band. Some lyrics are as follows:

I’m the kingdom
I’m the crown
I keep beholding
Whatever is shown
My love is (made) forever
(For) you and me
“May the light of real love always shine for me!”

“Lost,” has a longer instrumental intro added, that is driving with synths and drums. This song is from the second album. It has multiple, short, instrumental solos and features both vocalists. In addition, there is some nice harmony throughout the song. Lyrics include:

Lost in endless night
Take me there, where I see you again
Reach out for the light
When will I break my pain
Come and fly with me
All across the raging sea
Together we will be
When will I ever be free

“Seven Seas” is from their third album. This song also features both vocalists although Clémentine takes over toward the end of the song. It is in the Symphonic Metal style similar to “Lovebearing Storm.” Both the instruments and voices are very strong and sustained throughout. Here are some lyrics:

This is the last step to my illumination now,
So long just waiting, searching,
Hoping and finding the way how.
On the water in this realm I see your face...
A revelation's done, right moment, right place.

The final song on the EP is “Last Shut of Your Eyes,” which is from the second album. The guitar takes control in this song with several short solos and riffs. The drums are in a constant, driving mode, and both vocalists are featured. In addition, there is some nice vocal harmony with Siegfried and Clémentine. Their voices match and mix well together. Some lyrics include:

But now it is too late
All those lines are delayed
You’ll never cross this street again
You’re out of sight
I will ever be the one to blame
Last shut of your eyes.

“Winternight,” from their third album, would have to be my favorite song from the EP. While it is nice to hear Symphonic Metal played very well, there is something to be said for simplicity. I was touched by the lyrics which seem to describe a journey that every individual has to take at some time in their life. What makes this song unique to me is the simple, thin texture. The instruments and vocalist for the majority of the song are very exposed and this increases the difficulty in performance. Clementine expresses the lyrics superbly which brings out the emotions. The piano provides the nice accompaniment throughout the song, along with the synthesized strings. The strings also provide a counter melody that is expressive. As the song builds to final chorus, the drum and guitars provide a nice, strong foundation without overpowering. Some lyrics to the song include:

Cold winternight
No way out of the dark
No one’s leading me back
To the place I belong
Uncovered secrets
Will never be found
No rebirth, no regrets
Never be the one to hold

The band released a video to this song and it can be viewed at the following link.

Overall, this is a good EP and a very good way to showcase both vocalists. The fact that they chose five of their earlier songs to remake shows their confidence both of them. I am sure that there was some question at first in the song choices only because of Nicole’s death and some followers might be unhappy that most of the songs were from her time with the band. With advancements in technology, the vocals seem cleaner and clearer, while the synthesized keys are more prominent. Clémentine uses her vocal range and voice to embrace the lyrics and express the need emotion especially for “Winternight.” Siegfried also shows his vocals and his voice is strong individually, but also blends well with her voice. Additionally, this release by the band is a prelude to a full length CD coming in the future. I believe that followers of Visions of Atlantis will be pleased with this EP and Symphonic Metal listeners should definitely consider adding it to their library. It would also be a nice introduction for those curious about Symphonic Metal. For additional information on the band, please check out the following links: