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Skeptical Minds - Omega Thanatos

Skeptical Minds - CD Review
Omega Thanato

Omega Thanatos 


CD Info
Genre: Electro/Industrial Metal
Label: FYB Records
Tracks: 11
Lyrics: English
Rating: 8/10


Skeptical Minds are no newbies on the scene. They have played countless live shows around Europe, released a number of albums (live or studio) and built a loyal fanbase through the years. Doubtless, these are great deeds!

Skeptical Minds have been very generous with their fans; every now and then they release something to feed their fans’ appetite. They do this again with their new studio album entitled Omega Thanatos. Pretty grotesque and unusual album title for a female fronted band, isn’t it?

Omega Thanatos is a concept album; all the songs (lyrics and atmosphere as well) are based on a comic book with the same title created by Skeptical Mind’s guitarist Michel Stiakakis and visual artist Alain Poncelet, who has become a permanent band member. Mr Poncelet is not a stranger to the band since they collaborated for the band’s very first comic book, Broken Dolls, released in 2011. Actually, the band and Alain describe Omega Thanatos as the logical following of the Broken Dolls project. The story behind the album and the comic book is not a cheerful one; it’s about a girl facing her personal demons and challenging her own destiny. The comic book is pretty dark, gloomy and depressed but this is not a disadvantage since life itself can be unpleasant and tricky. I will not go on into the comic story and reveal more though! No spoilers, sorry guys and gals! ;)

As for the album, it could have easily been a soundtrack for a horror movie! Omega Thanatos is Skeptical Mind’s most aggressive album to date. There is a great variety of songs; every song is different from the others and you will not find any filler tracks or any missing pieces. Even so, the band has stuck to a certain sound, even if they have evolved it, and they make their identity pretty clear with this album.

The album starts off with "Balcony Dreams", a really sad and melancholic song which gives more or less the synopsis of the story line. It goes on with "Alone, Fear, The Sign" and Karolina Pacan demonstrates her vocal abilities. Then, Skeptical Minds introduce us to their very own "Horror Show" which sounds exactly like its title. Special kudos should go to cello which gives an extra spooky element to the song. "Thanatos" is a small interlude which continues with the same concept as "Horror Show". "Last Friends" and "Emptiness" are the more down-tempo songs of the album; they are beautiful piano melodies, with sorrowful feelings and Karolina Pacan singing her own peculiar fairy tale stories. "Deca-Dance" is an instrumental song that leads to the heaviest track of the album ("Escape"). If I should describe Skeptical Minds’ sound with just one song I would claim this one since it includes all the elements the band has been using to shape their sound since the beginning. The album closes with "Hopeless Hope" in a calm and melancholic way.

To sum up, Omega Thanatos will be appreciated by the fans; the stories, the performances, the details, the elements that have made this band stand out are all there in their best possible form and quality. I would strongly advise anyone who wants to get the album to obtain the comic book as well and enjoy the experience to the maximum possible level. Oh! And one more piece of advice from me: if this band comes to your town do not dare to miss them. Rumors say that they perform much better on stage than in the studio which is something we don’t see every day! You should witness it!