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Huntress - Static

Huntress - CD Review




CD Info
Napalm Records
Heavy Metal
11 Tracks
English Language


Huntress first made their way onto the metal scene in 2010 with debut EP, Off with Her Head, which made an impressive impact. Soon thereafter, Huntress found themselves supporting seminal acts such as Testament and Lamb of God. Now, in 208, they’ll be joining Mötorhead, Anthrax, and Slayer on the Mötorboat cruise in October. Led by Vocalist Jill Janus, who boasts an impressive four-octave vocal range, Huntress produces a melodic brand of metal that is articulate yet heavy enough please the most ardent head banger. It’s been five years since their debut and the band is back showcasing their third album, Static, which Janus calls “the heaviest and catchiest” record that they have written to date, and one could argue their most polished creation as well.

Huntress has always been known for their heavy guitar riffs, bombastic drums, power vocals and haunting lyrics. Static follows the same format. The opening track, “Sorrow” comes out of the box with a thunderous guitar underpinned nicely with some wah wah effect and slick right hand tapping to boot while featuring some glossy production as well. The third track “Brian” was another well-constructed song that caught my ear quite nicely. It opens with a strong ambient verse and pristine vocals with the melody cascading nicely into a strong bridge and later a very melodic chorus although not quite as catchy as the previous track “Flesh.” One track that was a bit of a letdown for me was “Mania,” which begins with an ethereal introduction which for some reason conjured images of Opeth’s sublime “Ghost Reveries” LP. However the intro transitions into a slow plodding verse that seemed to lack focus and left me feeling out on a limb, anticipating a resolving verse. However, a frenetic guitar solo and some strong vocals make the song solid nonetheless.

“Four Blood Moons” follows with some greased lightning guitar hooks with a slight essence of Anthrax with Janus once again sounding pitch perfect with it all held together nicely with some solid thunderous drums, followed by the title track which blasts some more chunky metal riffage, with white-hot vocals throughout and punctuated by a searing guitar solo. I also really enjoyed “Noble” which offered up some quite catchy, yet heavy guitar hooks ala Megadeth.

With songs that can appeal to a both older and younger metal enthusiasts. Static is an LP that combines solid songwriting, performance and production. It’s dynamic without being overindulgent and has a retro vibe without sounding dated. A very solid creation from top to bottom!

Rating: 9/10

Huntress - Static - All lyrics by Jill Janus - Copyright © 2015

1. Sorrow
2. Flesh
3. Brian
4. I Want To Wanna Wake Up
5. Mania
6. Four Blood Moons
7. Static
8. Harsh Times On Planet Stoked
9. Noble Savage
10. Fire In My Heart
11. Black Tongue (Bonus) Vultures Can Wait (7" Vinyl Bonus