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Within Temptation Interview 2007

Present - Jason Levine, Sharon den Adel (vocals) & Robert Westerholt (guitars & vocals)


Jason: What kind of expectations do you have coming to America?

Robert: Well, we've always learned not to have any expectations, but the first things we've seen. First of all the weather's amazing, which is very nice and also there were a lot of people driving from so far away.

Sharon: To come and see.

Robert: To come and see us, you know.

Sharon: Yeah. It's really nice also.

Robert: In Europe it would never happen. They would never come from Spain to Holland.

Sharon: Well if they do, they do it rarely, you know. So it's really surprising so many people come from so many different directions and also that so many people already knew our music also in a way. It's not like everyone knows it, but it's more like people that come from so far, they've been waiting for a few years for us to come as well and it's also nice to have so many bands playing in one night that they like. So it's a good combination of a lot of things.


Jason: So the crowd has taken to you well in the first couple of shows?

Both: Yeah.

Sharon: Really, really amazing. Yeah.

Jason: Your only exposure here in America before this was when Stand My Ground was used in.

Sharon: Yeah. Blood and Chocolate.

Jason: Blood and Chocolate and now you have a new EP out for The Howling which has already sold out at Hot Topic.

Sharon: Wow, really, that's wonderful, we made 2,000.

Robert: Yeah.

Sharon: 2,000 copies of them. It has 5 or 6 older songs to give a taste of our music and we also have a new album out.

Robert: Yeah. And the album is going to be out in July.

Sharon: July 24th.


Jason: The Heart of Everything?

Sharon: Yeah. The Heart of Everything.

Jason: Seeing the way the EP is selling, did you realize that the Americans would take to your music so quickly or that you would have these types of crowds?

Sharon: Well we didn't know what to expect, because this is the first time here. So we have low expectations, because you are totally new in a country, but you see us on myspace and all the other internet has been so big here also, even more than in Europe actually, especially myspace. So the people already know your music much more than you think. So that is really nice.

Robert: And with music it is always good not to have expectations, because it's such a personal thing and you will never know if you are going to have success or not. So we never count on it. We just for now also enjoy the experience being here. It's also we really like to go every time to a new country and I think if you ask what was the last one on our list to visit, well we just enjoy the experience and we'll see where it takes us.


Jason: There is a big surge of female fronted bands coming over to America, especially from Holland with Epica, After Forever and yourselves. How does it feel to be part of a breaking scene in America?

Robert: Well we never feel that we are part of a scene. The scene for us is not important, because in the end it always comes down to what you do yourselves. What shows do you give, what music do you make and for us that is an individual thing and we tend never to.

Sharon: To look at other bands and especially because in this scene bands are so different from each other that they might like one band and the other band might not pick up or whatever. So you can only go from your own strength and your own music and hopefully the people will like it, that's all.

Jason: After Roadrunner releases The Heart of Everything do you have plans to release your back catalog here as well?

Sharon: I'm not sure what they are planning because I think all about if The Heart of Everything if people will like that, then they will probably look further in our catalog and what we have done over the years and in the past of course. So I think it all depends upon what The Heart of Everything does.

Jason: This tour (with Lacuna Coil) is a testing of the waters over here. Do you have plans for a bigger tour to come back to America when the album is released in July?

Robert: Yeah. They are discussing that right now. I surely hope so and I also expect to come back here.


Jason: And your experience here in America has been good so far?

Both: Yeah.

Sharon: Really nice people.

Robert: We've had 3 shows.

Sharon: Yeah. Really nice.

Robert: But all 3 shows were really, really good and also it's a lot of fun.

Jason: For people who haven't heard you music before, what can they expect from The Heart of Everything?

Sharon: I think it's a. Well probably because they are going to be introduced to that album first I think it's a very guitar orientated album. We have a big orchestra on it as well, but we use a little less than on the previous albums we've had. It's a very cinematic feeling to the album I think and.

Robert: There's a lot of variety.

Sharon: Yeah.

Robert: In the songs and that is also typically Within Temptation. There is not one song on the album which is similar to another one.

Sharon: One song doesn't represent the whole album. It's like we have a lot of diversity on the album.

Robert: I think also our music has a lot of different sides to it. It can be really powerful. It can be cinematic. Also melodic. This album even rhythmatic in some songs. So you know from small ballads to bigger ballads to epic songs there's a lot of variety.


Jason: On this album you have a duet with an American, Keith Caputo from Life of Agony, called What Have You Done. How did that collaboration come about?

Sharon: Well we saw him play with his band many years ago. At least 12 years ago. A festival in Holland and it was raining as usual in Holland and we saw them play. We heard him play and we were in front of the stage almost and we couldn't get away. Although it was raining and everybody was doubting like "are we going to leave because it is raining or hide a little bit from the rain" but we couldn't because we were like "wow, what is this" you know and we were totally captivated by his voice. It was amazing and we always kept in the back of our minds if we ever write a song which is maybe something that is good for his voice that he can sing, we need to approach him, because we love his voice so much. What also was very nice for us in a way is that when we met him, that he also was a very nice guy, because not everyone you like in music is also a nice guy and he is a very down to earth, very cool guy. We worked really well together too. Nice work.


Jason: That was your first single, what is the next single you plan to release for the album?

Sharon: Well it is going to be different for America, so I am not sure which one, because in Europe it is going to be a different single probably again than America.

Robert: In the UK they are releasing as the second single The Howling and in some some other countries it is Frozen so we kind of mix it up everywhere.

Sharon: Yeah.

Robert: We will do the same singles everywhere eventually but in a different order in each country.

Jason: If you have one thing to say to your new America fan base what would it be?

Robert: Well first of all we appreciate it very much that they come to the shows.

Sharon: Drive so far.

Robert: Many of them drive so far and that is great. Because of that we feel also very welcome with the very warm receptions here. Really cool.


Jason: I hope you guys have a lot of success here in.

Sharon: Well we just go with the flow and we are really enjoying this so much you know. It is very back to basics for us from where we come from, but it is really nice. It's a really nice challenge seeing people really react to our music and also know the songs sometimes. You know that is really nice.

Jason: Speaking of back to basics. Over in Europe you play to thousands of people a night. How different is it for you going back to small clubs to play in?

Robert: It feels a bit like.

Sharon: Beginning of.

Robert: 10 years ago.

Sharon: Yeah. 10 years ago when we started. Well 11 years ago.

Robert: Brings back memories.

Sharon (laughs): Yeah.

Robert: Suddenly there are things which you normally never have anymore. Very few channels and things which don't work and stuff like that and dirty toilets.

Sharon (laughs): Well you have them on tour as well, but none of them is.

Robert: Those things you know, but the good thing however is also you see in fact that if you play for 11,000 people or you play for 400 people the basic thing is still the same thing. The essence is totally the same. It is totally about doing your thing. Playing. The interaction with the crowd. The vibe which is going on. That's what counts and that's what give you also. It makes it fun, so in that sense it brings back memories and also in a way it is liberating. We just stand there on stage. No big show. Just play. Plug and play.


Jason: It must be different than the hometown Silent Force concert where you have fireworks and everything?

Sharon: Well it was a big show for us as well. The Java Island kind of thing.

Robert: And we're doing it again this year.

Sharon: Yeah. We're going to do it again.

Robert: Because the last tour it's been growing over the years and then you forget sometimes how it started.

Sharon: Yeah. And then you start to appreciate certain things again also. And it's also nice. Because I don't mind going. None of us mind going back to the basics again. It's also refreshing because in a way you also sometimes long for the beginning time again. Like how it was in the beginning because it was very intimate and stuff and it also has its nice sides I think. So it's really nice to do this.

Jason: Hopefully you'll start from the basics and get to the same level you have in Europe over here.

Sharon (laughs): Well, we'll see.

Robert (laughs): It would be nice to go through the whole phase. Every step again. So time will tell.

Sharon (laughs): Time will tell. That's true.

Robert: Exactly.

Sonic Cathedral would like to thank Within Temptation for taking the time to perform this interview.  Keep Rockin!

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