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Coronatus - Cantus Lucidus

Coronatus – CD Review
Cantus Lucidus

Cantus Lucidus




CD Info
Massacre Records
9 Tracks
English Lyrics – 5 songs
German Lyrics – 4 songs

With the release of their sixth full length album, Cantus Lucidus, the band, Coronatus, is showing a unique combination of their traditional Gothic/Epic Metal while touching slightly on Folk Metal. This marks a return to their trademark two contrasting female vocalists. It is a mixing of an operatic voice with a strong rock one, which mesh quite well. The name, in Latin, means Cantus (song or chant) and Lucidus (shining, full of light, or clear). It is certainly that including some symphonic sound, clear, contrasting vocalists, catchy dark lyrics, and some talented guest instrumentalists.

Coronatus started in 1999 as a project with drummer Mats Kurth and Georgios Grigoriadis. They released a single in 2001 and performed various jobs in 2003. It wasn’t until 2004, that their live performances and known trademark, as a double female-fronted metal band began. Work on their debut album began in 2006 and the following year, after the band signed with Massacre Records, they released their first full album, Lux Notis. Other releases followed Porta Obscura (2008), Fabula Magna (2009), Terra Incognita (2011), and Recreatio Carminis (2013). The 2013 album broke ground by featuring three female vocalists and followed their support of Within Temptation in Belgium, tour with Haggard, and appearances in many international festivals.

After several changes over the years, except Mats Kurth, Coronatus also features Olivér on guitar (2014). In addition, we have studio musicians Markus Stock on Bass and Pinu’u Remus on Keys/Orchestral Arrangements. Rounding out Coronatus are female vocalists Carmen R. Lorch, (ex-Fangorn, ex-Mighty D, ex-Ferro Ignique), (2004-2011, 2013-present), and Anny Maleyes, a rock vocalist who sang primarily in cover bands.

The album opens with “Schnee and Rosen,” which features lyrics in German and Latin, (another Coronatus trademark), and would be considered Gothic in nature. The song begins with synthesized strings and the vocals start with Anny accompanied by the piano and strings. Then the guitar and drums enter for the metal aspect with Carmen’s clear, operatic voice coming in with the next verse over the instrumentalists. After a nice duet between the two ladies, Anny takes the lead with Carmen voice floating over everyone with “oohs.” The song continues with additional duets, the ladies taking turns on the verses. A nice touch is towards the end of the song, there is a chorus of mix voices that sing the Latin lyrics. During the whole song, the instruments provide a steady beat without overpowering the voices. Some of the lyrics include:

Zu schön für diese Welt, zu rein
War sie im Innern doch immer nur allein
Zu weich zu anderen, zu rein
War sie am Ende doch immer nur allein
Zu offen war ihr Herz, zu rein
Sie hatte niemand zum Lindern ihrer Pein

Too good for this world, for purely
Was it inside but always alone
Too soft to others for purely
Was she in the end always alone
To open her heart to purely
She had no one to alleviate their pain

The chorus part:
Quaeso subsisto eam
Subisito eam
Non illud faciunt

I ask her to stop
it Subisito
Do not do it

The second song “Deborah” has a strong rock beat and seems to be a lead in to the next song, “No Holy War,” which I will mention later in the review. The most frightening part of “Deborah” is the sudden change in the song near the end with lyrics that are scary even though they are repeated multiple times. They are:

Take her life and break her fingers
Take her life and break her fingers
Take her life and break her fingers
Take her life and break her.... fingers.......
But she.... will stay alive
Hey, hey, alive
Hey, hey, alive
Hey, hey, alive

Probably the most popular and well known song from the album is “The Elvenwell (I Can Give You…).” Part of the reason is that they made an excellent video of the song on YouTube which can be viewed here. After starting with a whispered “Elvenwell,” the driving drums and guitar come in. The story is mainly sung by Anny with the chorus sung as a duet. There is a nice flute (Carmen playing a recorder in the video) played by Marion Visotschnig multiple times. The melody is quite catching and there is an energetic drive to the song. Again, the voices meld together quite nicely. The lyrics of the chorus are:

For I can give you, I can give
All the things you lost, all the things you miss
I can give you, I can give
Heaven gifts and hells darkest wishes

“Freundschaft” speaks of true friendship and always being friends to the end. Besides the nice vocals, there are some exciting synthesized running parts played by the keys, a nice, small drum lick, and flute solo. Another song with German lyrics is “Unsterblich,” which speaks of a group of unknown, possible aliens who have just been discovered. The flute is prominent in this song as well with a driving drum beat. Also, there is a light part played by the keys. The other song with German lyrics is “Ihr Habt di Schuld!” This song is the longest one on the album and it features several nice violin solos, as well as some drum solos. Most of the vocals are duets. In addition, there are multiple changes in tempo and style. Included is a choral part along with the solo flute and just over the halfway point, there is a tastefully done guitar solo. We hear a solo piano as an interlude after the chorus sings. This song is an indictment on business and the rich, who seem to want “more and more.” Some lyrics include:

Ihr dort, nun habt ihr auch bezahlt
Für das Elend dieser Welt und das was ihr mit ihr getan
Ihr dort, auch euch hat es erwischt
Und das Elend dieser Welt hat euch genommen was ihr zuvor geraubt

Ihr gingt zu weit, ihr gingt zu weit, dort
War der Punkt ohne Wiederkehr!
Ihr gingt zu weit, habt nichts erkannt und habt
Die Welt zerstört ohne Reue

Ihr habt die Schuld! Die Schuld ist euer ganz und gar!
Wollt immer mehr. Hattet nie genug, ihr wollt immer mehr!
Ihr habt die Schuld! Ihr habt die Schuld! Ihr ganz allein, wolltet ...immer mehr...

Your there, now you have paid for
For the misery of this world and what you have done with it
Your there, you also it has caught
And the misery of this world hath taken you, what you robbed before

You went too far, you went too far, there
Was the point of no return!
You went too far, you have known and have nothing
The world destroyed without remorse

You have to blame! The blame is yours entirely!
Do you want more and more. Did never enough, you want more and more!
You have to blame! You have to blame! Your all alone, wanted to ... more ...

My favorite song on the album is “No Holy War,” which could be considered a rock anthem. It definitely has the characteristics. It opens with a violin solo played by Elli Wiesner (Brocelian). There is a definite Irish lilt to the solo and behind it are synthesized strings playing arpeggios. While the violin continues, the guitar and drums explode on the scene before Anny begins the vocals. This chorus is mixed voices and we have both ladies singing duets throughout the song. This song abounds in energy, with clear voices and lyrics. Halfway through the song Carmen and Anny trade stanzas with staccato-like guitar and drums underneath. Even though some of the lyrics will be dated, (similar to Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire”), the chorus will stand the test of time. This, I believe, will be anthem-like, because the lyrics speak to problems that are prominent world-wide. The lyrics in this song could be considered the most political/religious of the songs. With all the violence occurring, it strikes a chord with me and thus my favorite song. The lyrics include:

The whole world is fighting
So many have died yet
They lost their lives for a crazy idea
They misunderstood the will of their own god
Their victims selected by nothing but pure chance

No holy wars in the name of any god!

Don’t pull the trigger
Lay down your weapon
Stop killing people
It’s not your business, not your faith
Don’t hate the difference
To all our brothers
To all our sisters
Resign to hate and to revenge

War was never the aim of our old gods
War is never the aim of our new god
Hold on
Stop to kill

Cantus Lucidus is a must for any Coronatus follower and fan. While staying true to their original trademarks of Gothic/Symphonic Metal, they also show a willingness to explore the fringes of other Metal Genres. Even though this album is not as heavy on the symphonic side, it still has the symphonic sound provided by the keys. The band makes good use of guest instrumentalists throughout many of the songs. A vocal contrast between Carmen and Anny provides a different sound and the album is better because of it. This would be a good album for any Metal fan wanted to expand their library. For additional information on the band, please check out the following links: