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Forever Still - Breaking Free

Forever Still - CD Review
Breaking Free

Forever Still



CD Info:
Year of Release: 2014
Label: Self Release
Number of Tracks: 4
Lyrics included and language: English lyrics

Forever Still Breaking Free EP Review

Writer Info: Pacific Prof Today’s date: 11/24/2014 Name of band: Forever Still Album title: Breaking Free EP

CD Info: Year of Release: 2014 Label: Self Release Number of Tracks: 4 Lyrics included and language: English lyrics

Review: Some bands are able to pack enough powerful music into a three or four song EP to make you not only want more but become an instant fan. That interest can also peak when you hear a first song or see a first video. That is what happened when I first heard Forever Still’s “The Key”. I heard a great mix between Eowyn and of all band’s…Heart on that initial track. The similarities existed until Maja Schønning unleashed a hollering scream towards the end of the track. The keyboards, crushing drums and lead guitar are powerful on this guaranteed hit single. Forever Still is a melodic heavy metal band from Denmark formed back in 2011, and this new EP may be one of the best to come out in 2014. I only hope to have the opportunity to review the complete album when it is released. Maja Schønning’s vocals and piano playing are supported by the band which includes: Mikkel Haastrup, on bass, guitar, and keyboards. Mikkel Haastrup is also the band’s recording engineer, who was trained by Flemming Rasmussen of “Metallica”. Dennis Post plays guitar; and Jens Berglid plays drums. “The Last Day” is a powerful lyrical and musical composition capturing the feeling of the last day of one’s life. What would you say or how would you feel on that day? Maybe as strong and as sad as Maja Schønning does on this track? A jolting track that mesmerizes as well as makes you think of getting the most out of life before that day.

“Towards the Edge” is another keeper, but in a different way. This track uses softer tones from Schønning along with a quieter atmosphere after the powerful opening. Although Schønning’s vocals remind me of Eowyn’s with that soft breathing in between notes, the music has a definite Heart edge to it which I enjoyed.

“The Last Day – Live Acoustic” is a live acoustic interpretation of the track which is a nice gift to include on this EP. Maja Schønning’s piano accompaniment is well appreciated. It makes a strong track even more dramatic.

Get this EP, and keep your ears and eyes open for the follow- up album. I’m sure you will be hearing a lot more from Forever Still soon and into the future.

Rating: 9/10