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Sin7Sins - Purgatory Princess

Sin7Sins – CD Review
Purgatory Princess

Purgatory Princess


CD Info
Suburban Records
10 Tracks
41:47 minutes
English Lyrics

On November 24 the Dutch band Sin7sinS releases their third album Purgatory Princess. The previous album Carnival of No Tomorrow is already 2.5 years old. In that time Sin7Sins “suffered” like many bands from personnel changes. However that didn’t really influence their progress. My first encounter with them was at my birthday party when they played as support for Stream of Passion. On a recent showcase gig they played some new songs. And clearly they made big steps forward. With the catchy songs they created a good album, refreshing and easy accessible. The album is mixed and produced by Mr. Dan Swanö. Although it’s a studio album, the bands’ energy is very well recognizable in the recordings.

The cover art fits with the reputation to be a little bit weird and funny. That’s what makes them authentic. Their artistic names match: Lotus Sin (vocals), Gen Morhpine (guitar, vocal), Tristan Hex (guitar) and Corbin Crow (bass). The last one joined after the recordings. Currently a tour drummer completes the band for live gigs.

The albums opens with ”Heart of Stitches”. Pure metal from the top! A song that immediately gives an indication what you can expect. Rolling drums, pounding bass and sharp guitar work opens the song, followed by the clean, catchy, and recognizable vocals of Lotus. Slower almost a capella parts mix very well with the catchy chorus. The additional male (clean / grunt) vocals make it complete. Although it’s a short song (like most) it over a lot of flavors. A nice start of the album.

There is a similar approach on “Stronger”. Although an almost classic metal riff is used, the combination with the added element makes it an interesting song. Again the balance between clean female, clean male and male grunts (Gen Morphine) is good.

“Take Your Hands Of Me” has a different atmosphere. Lotus sounds a bit more bitchy, but still easy to identify. The samples used complete this again catchy song. Samples are more dominant in “Say What You Want”. The soft opening is immediately forgotten when the male grunts starts. The interaction with the slower pace parts with great vocals of Lotus and the up-tempo works very well. The almost operatic (and bombastic) intermezzo close to the end fits very well with the grunts and chorus that close the song.

“No Tears Left “ is also the video clip. The almost poppy metal is a good teaser for the album. All elements from the album seem to be combined.

“Bittersweet Dreams” is the (almost traditional) ballad on the album. Lotus (and Lotus) and the piano are key. A natural break with strong song! Very clear and emotional vocals. Three, Two, One, Lift off … No time to loose. Next is “The Great Illusion of Control”. More Rock ’n Roll, less metal and a song that stays in your head. Some hints / flavors of a well-known Dutch band. Good riffs and nice bass lines. Definitely a song that will get a lot of support live.

“Jerusalem” has, although the chorus sounds bright, a more dark atmosphere. As referral to the name some oriental elements in the most straight forward metal. The combination female and male vocals works out fine. The most accessible song is “Different Place Different Stage” and with that for me the least interesting from the album. Again hints of the earlier mentioned band and the bombastic element at the end refers to another Dutch band. Clearly a song that will be appreciated live.

The album closes with “Touch of Pandora”. The opening with samples offers a more symphonic start but after that back to business. Variation and combination are the basis of this strong song. With the opening song these are my favorites.

All-in all, Purgatory Princess is not extra-ordinary, but Sin7Sins delivers a mature, good and solid album. To be proud of. Most of the songs are full speed ahead only the ballad gives some cooling down. The compositions are strong and varied. Not only the vocals also the riffs, bass lines and drums and the well-used samples support that variation.

The only down-side I can recall is duration, the album is (too) short. Fans of (Female Fronted) Metal that love rolling drums, razor-sharp guitars and catchy vocals (female / male), need to check out this album. You will not regret it!

Score: 8 / 10