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Laura Casale - Now is Where You Are

Laura Casale - CD Review
Now is Where You Are

laura Casale



CD Info:
Year of Release: 2014
Label: Independent
Number of Tracks: 13
Lyrics included and language: Lyrics in English included.

Laura Casale has been a friend of mine on Facebook for a couple of years. On Now is Where You Are Laura has literally put her life’s work into her debut album. The time and effort shines throughout this thirteen track concerto, filled with major events from Laura’s life.

How often do your hear music delivered these days from a very personal perspective? Not often enough, right? Well this album may just be what you have been waiting to hear. The lyrics and melodies will definitely have an effect on you…if you have a pulse.

This is the masterwork that many inspired musicians and artists wait years to make and release. Laura has taken delicate care to make this album reach its target audience with precision. She has been promoting the album for years on her own website and through the generous help of progressive rock artist Ed Unitsky. Ed’s artwork is above and beyond and reflects the powerful statements Laura makes with her lyrics.

There are no fillers on this album. When you build your life’s masterwork you only include the best. And each song takes you on a journey through important stages of Laura’s life.

The opening track, “New Millennium” was inspired by the turn of the century back in 2001, but it is still as relevant and as powerfully filled with emotion as it was when she wrote it. Like “Morning has Broken”, the song inspires that feeling of welcoming the new day, life, and another chance to do it right this time. Laura sings: “Sunrise over the very first mountain. Breaking of a day”, and you can almost see her watching one of those famous San Diego sunsets from her sunny home nearby.

“The Rescue” details a major life change Laura went through that saved her from a desperate moment in time. Most all of us have passed through one or more of these moments in our lives and Laura’s calm, warm voice serves as a rudder steering this emotional track through the “mire and the clay”. I’m sure her hope is that others will be guided through similar experiences by patience and a search for the right, permanent rescue...not something that temporary satisfies or suffices.

The album’s title track, “Now is Where You are” reflects the aftermath of the change Laura experienced. Her lyrics deliver the inspiring effects of change, “Light is breaking through the night…it’s quite a sight”. “Everything will pass on by as sure as morning light breaks the sky”. Yes, powerful and I’m saving the best for your own discovery.

Well, I could tell you the whole story, but Laura does it much better. Besides, I’m aware that I sometimes write too much anyway; so I will let you discover the rest of this wonderful album on your own.

Just imagine closing your eyes and listening to this wonderful woman tell you the story of how she turned her life around. That in itself has to be worth its weight in gold. But she tells her story so magically and with such inspired, wind under her wings wonder that you will be swept up in the story right along with her.

This is a magical journey filled with inspirational music that will reach out to help anyone in need. But it is also a very entertaining album for anytime in life or during the average the day.

Thank you Laura for sharing such a personal journey and for inviting us along for the ride. Don’t miss this brilliant debut and one of the best albums I have heard this year.

Rating: 10/10