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Voiciano - Everflow

Voiciano – CD Review



CD Info:
Year of Release: 2014
Label: Self Release
Number of Tracks: 10
Lyrics included and language: English lyrics

Less than a year after their triumphant return with The Bonding album, full of some of their best music yet, Lanvall and Sabine of Edenbridge return with a new side project that is years in the making. In fact, as Lanvall, (grand piano, acoustic guitars & other string instruments), states, “The idea was born after our Edenbridge promotional acoustic show in Vietnam. In 2010 Sabine and I flew to Vietnam for a 10 minutes show case, to perform 3 songs on the 1000 Years Hanoi Festival. The simplicity of the whole process concerning the rehearsals and the show were pure fun for us. You just requested a microphone and a grand piano, entered the stage and performed. When we came back, I went through my files and piles of sketches of numerous ideas, which remained unused to this point. I was astonished how many great songs I found in layouts in this acoustic form. This inspired me immediately to write completely new songs additionally”. Sabine Edelsbacher, (vocals), adds, “I always had the idea for a solo project with more balladesque songs. Voiciano is exactly, what I had in mind. In Voiciano my voice gets more room in all its nuances, this is what I enjoy of course. Furthermore I could bring myself into the lyrics. The mystic atmosphere of our songs will remain of course – I think we cannot do it differently – it´s a part of us”.

Well, I must first confess that I am a fan of the band Edenbridge, and believe Sabine has the best vocals in the female metal genre. However, this Voiciano side project went well beyond even my expectations. If you are a fan of Endenbridge’s music or Sabine’s voice and Lanvall’s musical creations, this album is a must have purchase.

Imagine hearing Sabine’s voice with only acoustic accompaniment. All of the heavy guitar and drums are stripped away. Voice with piano and guitar. Sabine is one of the few developed talents in the female metal genre that can sing without all the heavy guitars and blasting drums for accompaniment. She proves it for any doubters on this ten track album with each and every note.

Every track on this album is an emersion experience. Lanvall’s piano supporting Sabine opens the album with hints back to The Bonding’s lyrics, “Here I am again”. Welcome back.

Sabine, without all the supporting power hammer guitars and drums has a richness I would compare to early Barbara Streisand. Yes, her voice is crystal clear and full of that raw power and emotion we are all used to from Edenbridge.

“This One is For You”, seems to be a spillover from the writing for The Bonding. There is so much power and reverence for the subject as if it was written for Lanvall’s father. The guitar work supports this personal depth and feeling, including one of the album’s best electric guitar solos.

“Island of the Gods” is my second favorite track on the album. Dominik Sebastian and Wolfgang Sambs’ Spanish guitars on this track will take you back to Al Stewart’s Year of the Cat or some of Steve Hackett’s latest work. It is both mesmerizing and emotionally satisfying. Sabine’s beautiful voice unfolds the lyrics set to both sooth and take you out of your present state and to a point of sublime reflection. Sabine sings, “Fly deep inside a magic dream. And see all the beauty deep within. As I can feel a life of a clearness yet unseen. Cause you are on the island of the Gods”. Then, “The morning maze over the ocean. I feel the silence in the air. A place of ever rising spirits. Just take me there”. Yah…me too. This music will transport you…at least for the moment. Add this one to Sabine and Lanvall’s top ten list for me.

“Hourglass” is the second longest track on the album. Peter Aschenbrenner’s mystic flute and Lanvall’s soft piano at the opening take you away from any distractions you may be encountering in your life. Then Sabine joins in with her powerful and emotional voice, “No signs of time. Can hear no tone. I stand outside. I’m all alone. A place so wide. So deep inside. And even here. I never won’t be near”. If you haven’t done this, you really should every once and a while. Find a place to clear your thoughts and take this track along with you.

“Until the End of Time” is another powerful statement in an album full of raw emotion set in tranquil themes for meditation and deep thought. Sabine opens the track with piano accompaniment singing, “Long ago, when I looked for a home. You came to me and left me with a smile”. Erik Martensson, joins Sabine on vocals singing “Reality is fading” as they join together in unison singing the rest of the song as a duet. Another album high point.

The piano Interlude that follows is short but full of charisma.

“Losing You’ continues the theme which continues to feel like a carryover from The Bonding. The theme is dark, but Peter Aschenbrenner’s flute solo takes the edge off the sad lyrics delivered with feeling by Sabine. She sings, “I keep asking me, where all the joy has gone. I keep falling in the inner voice, this way along….A year with no more springs. All I feel is losing you”. A powerful statement filled with deep, bottomless emotion. As powerful a ballad as you may remember from the depth of the classic, “The Way We Were”.

“Inner Child” opens with strong piano and Sabine’s emotional vocals singing the stirring lyrics, “I think about the lonesome children unnoticed by the world. No one wants to know, what they all need, because in our blindness we are blended. We do chase the world”. But as with Edenbridge, she does not leave us in sorrow, but rather takes us in the opposite direction, “Back to healing, realize your inner child. The self-esteem, the inner dream is routing how your truly feel. The burning out. A way without the future we don’t aim for. Don’t give in to what has been. What if you hold on a while? You always ran the extra mile. There’s a fight inside of you. Embracing childhood history. Will be your biggest treasury. And you decide the way you wanna choose”. Powerful…absolutely. Gandalf’s guitar solo is magic.

“Everflow” is by far the album’s statement and longest track…full of its best lyrics. Already my favorite for song of the year. Imagine if you will Sabine’s beautiful voice singing, “One fountain. One mountain. One sunrise. One sunbeam. A new stream. And in this hour. You feel the power. It is a waking dream”. Yes…absolutely. But then add the magnificence and majesty of Arjen Lucassen’s mandolin accompaniment, with Karl Groom, Dominik Sebastian, Wolfgang Sambs, and Jim Peterik providing acoustic guitar as Sabine sings, “The rushing in the silence. The gift of every day, is giving you a chance. Revealing a new way. And when you’re one with the world. It will please you. Hauntingly seize you. The time of your life”. I didn’t think they could reach the powerful level of the lyrics they did during the finale of The Bonding, but this is oh so close.

Lanvall and Sabine’s lyrics reach ever expanding heights as Sabine sings, “It is wherever you go. You’re in a free way to flow. The turning river of life will carry you on. One moment. One vision. One clear sight. Decision. No way can stop you there. So always be aware. It takes you anywhere”.

Then, Sabine takes you to the final stanza and lyrics, “The world will stay a wonder. If we keep holding on. If love is still the answer. When we are gone. A mind within the beauty. A heart so full of grace. The colors out of darkness. Still lighten this place”. These powerful lyrics and vocals surrounded by emotional piano, setting the stage for Gandalf’s climactic and emotional sitar solo.

“Afterglow” is the reflection it is meant to be as the album closes with Lanvall providing piano and Sabine singing, “The river has come to an end. Hope and our dreams. The passion that keeps us alive. So be aware. It’s always there. Deep within our dreams”.

Easily one of the best albums of the year already. If you are a fan of great music and lyrics, this album is for you.

The album is available right now at the Edenbridge Webstore, and will be released to download stores on August 1, 2014.

Rating: 10 / 10