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Destiny Potato - LUN

Destiny Potato - CD Review


Destiny Potato - LUN 



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The interesting thing about the music that has come out these past few years is that most new acts worth noting are the ones that don’t stick to any one or even two genres, instead creating a unique synthesis of multiple styles of music. Most modern rock bands are incorporating hip hop or EDM into their sounds, pop bands and artists are bringing jazz and R&B back into the picture, and popular DJ’s are working with soul singers to create dance music with a heartfelt side. Metal is no exception, and no new band showcases this genre bending tendency more than Belgrade-based Destiny Potato, whose sound is just as eclectic as their name.

While regarded primarily as prog metal and “djent,” Destiny Potato are definitely not pigeonholing themselves in that category on their long-awaited debut LUN. Mixing elements of prog, djent, pop, punk, folk, classical, and metalcore into diverse, almost futuristic soundscapes, the band have put out an album that keeps things interesting throughout, surprising the listener at every corner. Prog metal fans might already be familiar with guitarist/keyboardist/general mastermind David Maxim Micic and his BILO project, and will happily recognize his signature style on this record. He is joined by the exquisite Aleksandra Djelmas, who delight the listener with everything from jazzy crooning to demonic screaming, belting out pop melodies that will stick in your brain for weeks or letting out a roar that will send shivers down your spine. Her versatile vocal works perfectly with Destiny Potato’s deliciously schizophrenic style.

Even those metal fans like me to whom progressive music is often inaccessible will likely find something to like in Destiny Potato, for even while they push the envelope in many different directions, there is still always something for the less musically-educated listener to latch on to, whether it’s the catchy melodies of “U.Y.M.”, the exotic guitar riffs of “Dirty Picture,” the pop-punk stylings of “Blue Sun,” the charming folky passages of “Lunatic” and “Addict”, or the not-so-subtle references to the Portal games on “Love Song.” Of course nearly every song moves between elements and influences like a kid with ADD, so don’t get too comfortable and hold on tight, because each track is like a roller coaster.

LUN is an album that keeps the listener on their toes, but also never takes itself too seriously, and that’s why it’s one of the most exciting metal records to come through my headphones in quite a while. In fact, I haven’t been this excited about a new metal band in a surprisingly long time. It’s good to know that among the flood of new bands I’m told to check out by friends, colleagues, and facebook that don’t usually strike my fancy, I’ve found something as unique and enjoyable as Destiny Potato, and I absolutely guarantee that LUN will be among my top albums of 2014!