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10 tracks
English lyrics

One of the bands that I enjoyed seeing live several times during my year in France was Paris’ own Furykane. Their dynamic frontwoman Jen (Jennifer Diehl) is a master at working the crowd into a moshing, crowd-surfing frenzy, to the driving rhythms of the band’s music. Jen’s voice is also impressive, going from fierce growls and piercing screams to clear melodies. In the words of the band, Jen “alternates sweetness and violence in a second.” As for the music, Furykane says they “confidently mix rock, metal and pop without losing their identity” and mention Deftones, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Queen Adreena, Faith No More, Meshuggah, Slipknot, and Limp Bizkit as influences.

I would characterize Furykane’s music as highly bass and percussion driven, in the same ballpark as metalcore, and thus less melodic than what I usually listen to. What appeals to me is the energy of the music (and shows), and Jen’s many cool voices (it’s no surprise that she’s a vocal instructor). Furykane’s funkiness also reminds me of No Doubt (with Jen a metal Gwen Stefani).

This year, Furykane released their second full-length album (after 2011’s Fake), simply entitled Furykane. The name fits. The album is a whirlwind of hurricane-force music and vocals, starting with the single track “Feast,” which is a showcase for the band’s signature riffs and Jen’s many voices. She screams, she sings sweetly, she snarls, she belts, and she has an orgasm. The music video is here.

Despite all its good qualities, “Feast” in some ways is a surprising single since it’s not especially catchy or melodic. My vote for the next single would be the hypnotic and melodic “Dive,” with its power chords and high clean-voice harmonies mixed with ear-grabbing screams. Platinum beauty Jen screams “waaaant you,” proclaims “I’m obsessed, I wanna feel your skin,” and coos “my body understands.” She repeats the melodic chorus, “I just wanna dive, dive, dive,” and concludes, “it’s not a shame, tell me your name, boy, if you feel the same.” You gotta love the French.

Other standout songs include “Point of View” and “Hard Cookie.” The first begins with “deception is all that defines you,” spoken over quiet bass, followed by crunchy riffs and powerful, varied vocals. “Now you’re my prey,” warns Jen. “Hard Cookie” is reminiscent of the best song on Furykane’s previous album, “Altering Faces” (with its forceful and cynical refrain, “blah blah blah”). “Hard Cookie” has a strong bass line and angry, chanted lyrics.

The songs, and album, are short. They get to the point and stop. Recommended for fans of In This Moment, Kells, and No Doubt, among others.

Overall rating 8 / 10.