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My Eternel - Pursuit of a Higher Throne

My Eternel – CD Review
Pursuit of a Higher Throne

My Eternel



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9 Tracks
English Lyrics, French Lyrics for one song

It is nice once in a while to be able to review an album that isn’t part of the Metal genre. Such is the case with My Eternel’s Pursuit of a Higher Throne. This album is the collaboration of two musicians, who have solid backgrounds in Metal Bands. This album, which consists of nine songs, embodies an exploration of electronic keyboard/synthesizer supporting the female voice. I believe that the best way to describe this CD would be as an experiment in Ambient/New Age music (similar to music heard on Echoes).

My Eternel is the collaboration of Melissa Ferlaak (ex-Aesma Daeva, ex-Visions of Atlantis, Plague of Stars) and Voa Voyxd (Ad Inferna). Considering their backgrounds in Gothic, Dark Electronic, and Symphonic Metal, this collaboration is quite a leap forward. These two musicians, who are also married, decided to step out into the realm of Ambient Music. The seeds for this project started when Melissa was a guest soloist on Ad Inferna’s Im Mortelle album. An added note is that the My in the name stand for Melissa and Yann (Voa Voxyd) It is admirable that they are experimenting with a new genre of music. Their goal is to transcend the listener to another place and time, wherever that may be based on their personal journey. Thus we have the title of the album, Pursuit of a Higher Throne.

This is a very unique collection of songs in this different genre. It is refreshing that they are comfortable enough to attempt this album. This album is interesting even though the keyboard/synthesizer seems to be repetitive at times. Melissa’s vocals are both strong and soothing throughout the album. It will be interesting to see whether they remain committed to continuing with this genre.

The opening track, “Prologue,” begins the pursuit starting with simple chords being played by the keyboard. Then we have the first lyrics given in a whispering voice. The lyrics are:

Breathe the air,
Accept heaven,
Carress water,
Invoke your question
Explore earth
Full of passion S
wallow fire,
Your accession…

Flowing over the whispering voice, we have Melissa vocalizing “Ahs” and the keyboard continuing the chords but subdivided to give a more driven feel until the end of the song.

The song “Horizons,” was written while Voa was in France and Melissa in Minnesota. The opening consists of a synthesized string overture leading up to the introduction of the vocal part. Melissa’s voice is very strong and clear without being overpowering. There is also some dubbing done to create a duet part midway through the song. In addition, the synthesized strings change to a broken chord bell-like tone that at times seemed to overpower the vocal part. Melissa states that this song, “It centers around the metaphor of the sun and moon being separated by the horizon, yearning to be close in this dance of love that propels night and day … much in the way we felt when we were an ocean apart.”

“Carmen” starts out with a descending broken chord progression in the keyboard that is repeated like an ostinato. Then the keyboard changes into simple chords before returning to the broken chord pattern. The vocal part is both clear and at times very soothing. Midway through the song, it seems to end except that the instrumental and vocal parts come back very strong to support the lyrics. The lyrics to this song are worth noting and are:

Wake into your dreams, sweet child
Rays of love wait for you, angel

Your song is in your heart
And waits for your angelic voice
It sails to the edge of the horizon for freedom.
Lifts you to the sky
To touch the moon
Reach for the universe’s edge
Kiss the unknown
Promises of kindness.
Your song, only your voice
Dear child, wake from dreams to find
They are inside you
A reflection of the treasure of you.

I am alongside you, caress your mind, lift you when you fall.
Your mind is the key to saving us all.
Within the words whispered you open your
Self Close your eyes and listen to the wisdom of the breeze
The dream is there, it speaks with ease.
Wake into your dreams.

It seems obvious that this song was written for Melissa’s daughter whose name is Carmen. The song is both a lullaby and a wish for the future. The song ends with a crisp bell like tone being repeated.

Probably the most unique song on the album and the only song to also have a video is “Les Flammes d’une Passion.” The lyrics for this are in French but through the video and the music, the intent of the song are pretty clear. The lyrics talk of the depth and passion of love for two human beings and this comes out in the song and the video. Opening with a repeating high descending notes and then straight piano chords, we have the vocals enter. Melissa’s voice is very clear and seems to take on role of both people. Her one part is lower and soothing while changing to a higher, more piercing type vocal part. Later in the song there is a very nice duet part with both parts sung by Melissa. The keyboard with synthesized drum part that flows underneath has a slight Mediterranean feel to it.

“Crystal Ship” receives my vote for the favorite song. My first reason is that it allows Melissa’s voice to show a different part to her vocal abilities. In addition, the keyboard is mostly straight chords and doesn’t overpower the vocal part at the beginning. The song opens with a solo vocal part and Melissa voice has a quasi-torch singer style to it. The keyboard changes a series of different piano chords that signal a change to the song. Melissa then shows the strength of her voice with longer notes and then the upper range of her voice. Even though the song is shorter than most of the other songs, this one, to me, embodies a key part of the transcending journey. The lyrics here are also interesting as shown:

Before you slip into unconsciousness
I'd like to have another kiss
Another flashing chance at bliss
Another kiss, another kiss

The days are bright and filled with pain
Enclose me in your gentle rain
The time you ran was too insane
We'll meet again, we'll meet again

Oh tell me where your freedom lies
The streets are fields that never die
Deliver me from reasons why
You'd rather cry, I'd rather fly

The crystal ship is being filled
A thousand girls, a thousand thrills
A million ways to spend your time
When we get back, I'll drop a line.

Pursuit of a Higher Throne is very unique and definitely not metal in any way. Both musicians made that very clear when they conceived and created this album. While Melissa’s voice is very clear and ethereal in many of the songs and Voa’s keyboarding skills are apparent in all the songs. I would have preferred some additional changes sound wise in the instrumental part, but I also understand that it is part of Ambient Music. Even though this is their first attempt in this music genre, and overall it is fairly good, it would have been nice to have some additional diversity besides the lyrics. This album is interesting for their first attempt and it will be interesting to see what their future collaborations will bring.

8 / 10