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Elysion - Someplace Better

Elysion – CD Review
Someplace Better



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Massacre Records
11 Tracks
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Someplace Better is the long awaited full length follow-up to Elysion’s debut album Silent Scream. From Christianna’s “Ah…ah…ah” screams that remind me of that bit on the spaghetti western classic The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly on “Made of Lies”, to the power drums on “Changing” this is an album full of power chords delivered with vigor. Classic melodies, sultry keys providing great background sound space and rocking axes. Everything you could want in a female metal band.

Elysion is a female vocal metal band from Athens, Greece. The band was founded in 2006 by guitarist and composer Johnny Zero & lead singer Maxi Nil. Maxi Nil left the band in 2008, and Christianna took over singing lead vocals; Johnny Zero and Nid play lead guitars; FxF plays bass; and its Laitsman slamming the drums.

“Made of Lies” is an excellent album kick-starter and one of the best songs in the set. Christianna’s singing of the refrain, “earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dreams to crumble and back to dust” is a serious emotional reflection on being stuck in a bad place, in search of a way out.

The title track is delivered with power as Christianna sings, “Memories won’t last forever. Why don’t you take me someplace better?” And she means it! The emotional strength with which she delivers these lyrics will capture your attention completely.

“Fairytale” is a powerful story delivered with excellent vocals, which are supported well with heavy bass, crashing drums and duel lead electric guitars.

“The Promise” was my favorite track on the album. The band slows things down and delivers a solid ballad full of warmth and an emotional promise. “Should the sun go down again. I will burn the sky. Should this world come to an end I will make it right. I’m forever loving you”. And you have the feeling she will die trying to make things right...”forever”.

“Awake” has some excellent opening guitar chords and cool keyboards. It also contains some of Christianna’s sweetest vocals. The melody will stay with you after the song completes.

“Transparent’s” excellent acoustic guitar and string arrangement at the opening is one of the best memories on the album. Almost as good as a Kansas “Dust in the Wind” memory or an Evanescence deep love song. Solid and classic.

“Changing’s” closing melody and dramatic key and electric guitar assault will have you remembering some of the best of Dream Theater. Only this time Christianna’s solid vocals keep pace with that “Pull Me Under” - like drum assault.

Excellent sophomore album. Now I have to go back and get the debut. Don’t miss this one.

Rating: 8 / 10