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Kill for Eden - Living on Mars

Kill for Eden –  CD Review
Living on Mars EP


Kill for Eden



Frontier Records
3 Tracks
English Lyrics


Kill For Eden, from London, UK, followed up their critically acclaimed debut album with an EP in November of 2013, featuring “Living on Mars” from the debut album. They have added “The Dome” and “Shoot Me” to give you a slice of what’s to come.

The band is led by the dynamic and powerful vocals of Lyla D'Souza, and includes members: Dave Garfield and Andrea Basiola playing duel guitars; Wally M Miroshnikov, plays drums; and Mike McGuiness plays bass.

The title track is a power pack of heavy bass, pounding drums and duel heavy electric lead guitar with D'Souza leading the caravan on with her Alana Miles meets David Coverdale vocal delivery.

“The Dome” and “Shoot Me” are more along the lines of Coverdale’s Led Zeppelin sounding Whitesnake…only this time the lady leads by example with her vocals.

Solid powerful rock that promises to be a must purchase when the full album is released. If you like your rock hard in the way delivered during the height of white hot metal of the 1980’s this is your ticket. D'Souza mixes the power of Coverdale and any other singer of that generation with the silky smoothness of Deborah Harry.

Rating: 8 / 10