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Band Interviews

Band Interviews

Lydia’s Libido Interview

Lydia Libido Interview
Performed in August 2013

On July 27th, 2013, the Texas-based rock quintet Lydia’s Libido performed their debut concert in Burbank, California; just a stone’s throw from Hollywood. Although this was their very first show together as a band, this wasn’t their first time at the rodeo, as the saying goes. The band is comprised of longtime session musicians who have “paid their dues” by playing for some pretty impressive names in the music business. Lydia’s Libido has all the ingredients for a quintessential “supergroup”. While I was unable to attend their debut concert, I was able to talk to the band on the phone after the gig and get their thoughts on the show, the hectic pace of the days leading up to the show; where they filmed their first video, conducted photo shoots, and performed on various television and radio shows to spread the word about their new self-titled album. They shared with me not just their impressions of their audience and the whirlwind of events that have led them to this moment, but also the story of how these talented individuals found each other and formed this band.

Lydia's Libido

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Cadaveria Interview 2013

  • Category: Band Interviews
  • Published: August 05 2013
  • By Doctor T.
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Cadaveria has been one of the more interesting Femme Metal acts in Europe now for some time. She previously worked with several bands, Opera IX being the best known, but today she fronts her own sound, while doing video work as a corollary interest area. We’ve done a number of reviews and interviews with her over the years, today’s conversation looks at some things beyond her latest release, Horror Metal and addresses a number of issues related to this most interesting lady.


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Amaranthe Interview 2013

  • Category: Band Interviews
  • Published: August 13 2013
  • By Justin Boyer
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Amaranthe Interview
The Note; West Chester PA on July,18, 2013
Interview with Elize Ryd & Jake E.; two of the three talented leading vocalists

As someone that was practically bred on video-gaming, the heart-pounding, accelerated electronica music heard in first person shooters like the classic N64 game, Goldeneye, is very memorable. This type of energetic music is extremely effective with pervading your mind with the right quick-thinking reflexes necessary for success in these types of video games. Without this type of frantic music, I am not sure I would have felt nearly as pressured to find the elusive golden-gun in Goldeneye multiplayer gaming sessions.


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Sirenia Interview 2013

  • Category: Band Interviews
  • Published: July 22 2013
  • By Doctor T.
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Sirenia Interview 2013
performed via skype

Sirenia has been one of the major Gothic metal acts for a long time. Morten Veland began the band after leaving Tristania a number of years ago. The band’s latest release, Perils of the Deep Blue, has reviewers raving. Many say this release takes the band back to the earlier releases with a dark, brooding sound, featuring a solid death metal vocal combined with a skilled soprano, all over the traditional choral and symphonic sounds that made the band one of the largest draws in Female Metal. Sonic Cathedral’s Doctor T talked to Morten Veland about the new release, and Gothic metal in general.


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