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Bad Seed Rising - A Place Called Home

Bad Seed Rising - EP Review
A Place Called Home

Bad Seed Rising



EP Info
Roadrunner Records
6 Tracks
English Lyrics

The very young Hard Rock Band, Bad Seed Rising, from Baltimore, Maryland, has released their second EP, called A Place Called Home. They released it through their label, Roadrunner Records. As a band, they are one of the youngest age wise to be signed with this major label in its 34year history. Despite their ages, there is a lot of maturity in their sound. While there are some raw spots occasionally, the EP showcases the tightness instrumentally. Energy abounds throughout with catchy guitar riffs, driving drums and a strong vocalist.

Details about the beginnings of the band are sketchy but 2012 is listed as the year. All the members are home schooled which enabled them to spend more time working on their skills. The ages of the quartet range from 14 to 18. Different members met each other through different activities before coming together to form the band. Francheska Pastor, besides being the vocalist, also writes the lyrics. Guitarist Mason Gainer and drummer Aiden Marceron help with the instrumental song writing. Rounding out the band is bassist Louey Peraza. Their first EP with Roadrunner Records was Charm City, released in 2014. The band has spent time touring with several notable bands including Daughtry, 3 Doors Down, Halestorm , and Adelitas Way. Presently there are plans for the band to tour North America, opening for a yet to be announced artist.

The opening song, “It’s My Time,” begins with a short guitar riff that alternates between the speakers. The drum then breaks the pattern and a straight, hard rock beat begins with the drum and guitars. The vocals come in strong and with some anger/frustration with the lyrics. The pattern continues and the vocalist repeats a chant. Near the end, the instrumentation becomes lighter under the vocalist. It starts with the bass and straight drum beat with the guitar coming in before returning to hard rock beat.

“Carry On” starts with a syncopated drum beat. Next it goes into a hard rock pattern for a short time. When the vocals enter, the guitar takes on that syncopated pattern with an odd repeated countermelody. The song at times, has an anthem feel to it. There is some vocal harmony at times throughout the last part of the song. In the interlude there is a traditional repeated rock pattern in the guitar before the final verse of the song. Interestingly, there is a key change right at the very end.

A far away sounding guitar starts “Six Feet Under.” It repeats the pattern twice before the drum kick-in and the guitar is full volume. The vocals are strong and probably the most emotional of the EP. There is some reverb in the voice part. The instrumental parts are very strong and independent. Some vocal harmony occurs throughout the song. The last part of the song consists of a strong vocal chant, with snippets of the lyrics sung around and under the chant. The instruments keep up a strong beat under all the vocal activity.

“ADHD” opens with guitar and drums. Then the hard rock beat enters and continues throughout the song. The vocalist expresses some anger. What is not certain is whether it directed against the medications that people take for ADHD or the diagnosis itself. Whatever it may be, the word drug is mentioned quite frequently throughout the song. There is a lot of energy, both instrumentally and vocally in this song.

The last song of the EP is “Disappear.” There is some back and forth musically between the drum, bass and the guitar. Some of the lyrics express the performer leaving the stage. The beat is strong instrumentally and driving. The vocals express an almost resigned attitude of how things are. In one part of the song, the vocals almost reach a screaming level before backing off and the song ends quietly.

My favorite song would have to be “Mess.” This song is interesting in that there is definite anger expressed lyrically and vocally. The vocals are almost screaming at the beginning and start immediately after a drum kick. The singer is directing the anger at person that they are blaming for the condition they are in. The drums keep a hard rock beat. The guitar is driving, and there is some harmony vocally. Another neat feature is that at different parts of the song, you hear a little solo work from each of the instrumentalist. Also there is a section where the drum, bass, and guitar play an off-beat, slightly syncopated pattern against the vocalist. The song ends very abruptly.

This is a very pleasant sounding EP for a very young band. This says something for the management of Roadrunner Records for seeing their talent. The songs are catchy with some nice guitar riffs, very strong vocals, and overall, good rock. Another nice feature is that all the instrumental parts are important without featuring any one specifically in the songs. Hard Rock fans won’t be disappointed and this would be a good addition for any listener’s library. I will be curious to see whether the band will put out a full album in the future. For additional information on the band, please check out the following links: