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Amanda Hardy - What’s Coming Your Way

Amanda Hardy - CD Review
What’s Coming Your Way

Amanda Hardy


CD Info:
Year of Release: 2014
Label: Eight Note Entertainment LLC
Number of Tracks: 4
Lyrics: English

Amanda Hardy’s philosophy and favorite quote stands out on her band website. It reads: "Always go for what you want and never stop 'till you get it". That kind of spirit is communicated well throughout the power packed, lead guitar, fuel – injected, drum bashing, EP they have used to introduce the band’s sound. The Seattle -based rock band’s website also tries to define their sound as “guided by their collective influences: Led Zeppelin, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Halestorm and more”. Yes, let me add a couple important “mores”…Guns and Roses and Mother Love Bone.

Amanda’s voice, to my ears, sounds and has the swagger of Guns and Roses’ Axel Rose combined with the cool precision of Mother Love Bone’s Andrew Wood. That second one will garner much criticism for me I’m sure, but take a look at her picture and listen carefully to her voice and I think you’ll hear and see it. It’s not as well developed as Wood’s, but listen carefully to the last song on the EP “All Around Me” and I think you’ll hear the potential. It would be great to hear her cover something like “Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns", “Bone China” or "Man of Golden Words" to see how close she could come.

So yes, Amanda is influenced by the Seattle sound of Grunge. The band recently stormed Seattle’s “Pain in the Grass” Festival with brilliant reviews. The talent is there and I for one would love to hear a fully developed long player…which I think will be coming soon.

The first three tracks, “Fire Away”, “Ugly Girl”, and “Caught You in Bead” blend everything from Pat Benatar/Joan Jett to the aforementioned male lead bands.

This is a good introduction to the band…but I for one want to hear more.

Success achieved. After all…isn’t that what every band wants an EP to do? Get the fire started.

Rating: 8/10