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L'Endeví - An Eternity

L'Endeví - CD Review
An Eternity

An Eternity





CD Info
Art Gates Records
11 tracks
English lyrics

In this article, Sonic Cathedral catches up with a 2012 album that you should definitely check out if you missed it: An Eternity, the second album from Spain’s L'Endeví. The album features angry guitars, urgent singing and screams, and compelling gothic imagery. Two of the best songs, the title track “An Eternity” and “Red Ivy,” have also been released as excellent music videos, here and here. Those two songs are representative of the album as a whole, which is strong throughout.

Singer Mamen merits further mention. Her powerful clean vocals simmer, always on the verge of breaking into a growl or scream. The way she alternates in a single line is very dramatic. It’s not like other bands where you just have a clean part and growl part.

The driving beat and barely contained distortion of the music matches Mamen’s vocals perfectly, and creates the kind of intense, rage-filled experience that metalheads crave. Yet there are also frequent moments of peace and beauty (such as the melodic beginning of “Red Ivy” and the funky start to “An Eternity”). This of course makes the harsher music even more dramatic. The rest of the lineup includes Jaume and Pater on guitars, Jorge on bass, and Mario on drums.

Other notable songs include the opening track “Gold,” the anthemic “We Are the Metal,” and the haunting “Unjust Unnatural Deaths,” but again there is not a bad song on the album.

Being a vampire fan also makes me enjoy the music and videos more, and don’t worry, L'Endeví’s vampires are not the sparkly Twilight type. They are scary and bloody.

My only criticism of the album is that I don’t really understand the cover art and don’t think it represents the image that the band elsewhere projects.

Colleagues tell me that L'Endeví also puts on an excellent live show, as they did at the 2013 edition of the Metal Female Voices Fest in Belgium (I’m very sorry I missed their set!). They are currently at work on their third album, which I will definitely buy.

Recommended for fans of Paradise Lost, Iron Maiden, and In This Moment.

Rating 9 out of 10.