Comments from our Customers:
I have just received my Nightwish cd that I ordered just this  Wednesday, and it is now Friday. Friday! This is the third cd I have ordered from this site, and I am still pleased and amazed at how fast the items ship. Each cd that I have ordered from this site has arrived within the week.

The friendliness of the staff is also refreshing. I emailed the President of the site, and asked if there was anyway that the cd could get to me in around 2 or 3 days, before my family and I go to vacation in Maine. He emailed me back, and not only assured me that it would get there before we left, but he also apologized that the cd was a little expensive, and he explained to me that it was because they had to import it. He also said that the cd was one of the best hed heard from Nightwish, and that it was well worth it.

This is absolutely the best site out there for ordering female metal cds. When you order from this site, you will find how quickly you fall in love with it.

Many thanks!

Alexandra C. Concord , New Hampshire

RE: Exceptional Service:

It's hard to put into words how happy I am with my first purchase from Sonic Cathedral.  It far exceeded my expectations on speed, price, and quality of the two items I ordered.  And to my surprise they even included one of their own compilations as a gift.  I look forward to a long business relationship and hope to order again in the near future.


Wayne B. Fargo,  North Dakota

I've dealt with many online music stores, and Sonic Cathedral is easily the most impressive of the stores I have patronized. The selection is mind blowing, the prices are very reasonable, international shipping is fast, and the extras sent with my orders led me to the discovery of even more excellent female-vocal bands. I will be certain to come to this site in the future should I need to buy any other female vocal metal.

Joe B. - Sarnia, Ontario Canada

Hi SC guys & gals,

I received my order yesterday (only 5 days !!). I want to thank you, cause it was really fast and I appreciated the extra stuff you packaged with my album! You deserve to be known! Thanks a lot and take care.

Alex - La Chaux-de-Fonds,  Switzerland

I ordered from "Sonic Cathedral" 5 CDs and I must say that I am VERY pleased with them !! The price was fair and the shipping lightning fast!! Very rare stuff and excellent and friendly communication!! What could I expect more?? So my advice: deal with this seller!! An asset to the (real) music world business!!

Thomas - Nantes, France

I want to thank you for the attention. My order arrived today with no hassles and very fast. (I thought the delivery would take at least three weeks) I also want to thank you for all the extra stuff you packaged with my album. I'm sure I'll make other purchases with you soon.

Marcio A. - Brazil

I am totally blown away that I ordered these cd's like 5 minutes ago (actually a couple of days) and they are already here. I spend allot of time in my car and I invested in about a thousand watts of sound, and I am always trying to expand my collection of loud music. Geez... dudes!! You blow me away. Your website is great, your selection will keep me shopping for several months, years? to come. Your prices are right on. I don't know who sent my order, but whoever it was hand wrote a "thank you" note on it. I'm young enough to rock with the young'uns, but old enough (& a business professional) to appreciate someone taking the time to say thank you. On top of that, I got a business card from the president of your organization. I am suitably impressed and I think you folks will be seeing my name on a pretty regular basis when you check your orders.

Bill M. - Tijeras, New Mexico

I want to say a big thank you to the people who put this site out there. I live in Australia and the music that is available there ranges form dull to crap. Finally I've found some music and great FEMALE band which rock. When you live in a country which is basically a dumping ground for Americas corporate manufactured bands, you become amazed when a new door is opened to you. It's hard for me to get the cd's that you have on your site where I'm from (mostly the Scandinavian stuff appeals to me) but I'm working on solving that problem. Keep going with this sight, it's incredible and hopefully you will reach heaps more people.

Danielle - Australia

Just received the order. I hope you realize that I get the CDs quicker with you through a hurricane than I would with normal post here. Brilliant stuff yet again.

Alan P, South Wales UK

Sonic Cathedral is truly the most exceptional music store with whom we've ever had the pleasure of doing business. John is extremely knowledgeable about female vocal and beauty & beast music, and is a valuable resource person in assisting with musical selections. Sonic Cathedral's website is not only visually appealing, but also very user friendly--thanks to the formidable talents of webmaster Becky. Shipping is lightning fast and free with a $50 purchase. With all of the expert, attentive assistance graciously given, it is obvious that John and Becky care deeply about their customers. Many thanks to you both! Since we have discovered Sonic Cathedral, there is no need to shop anywhere else for our music.

Your happy and loyal customers,

Gerald and Cedar W.

United States Military - Germany

I want to send a big thanks to John for excellent service regarding my order at Sonic Cathedral. It took just 5 days to ship the CDs all the way from the USA to Norway!!!! Very impressive!!!! Ordering from other companies in the US (I wont do that anymore), it has taken up to 8 weeks to get the CDs / vinyl in the mail. From now on Sonic Cathedral will be my number 1 place to buy CDs!!!!! Looking forward to do business with S.C. in the future. Ill recommend this site to everyone I know!!! Thanks a million for everything.

And again with another order:

Brilliant ......again!!!!
I ordered some cds + DVD last Monday. Today, 1 week later I have it in my mailbox in NORWAY!!! I cant say it enough, how brilliant Sonic Cathedral really are! Keep up the great work boys!!! Greetings from a really satisfied customer in Norway. Thanks yet again for excellent service. Two thumbs up for John and Sonic Cathedral!!

Jan H. - Norway

Wow, I am surprised that my letter reached to your place very fast. Yesterday, I got cds from SONIC CATHEDRAL, too. Likewise, thanks for your very great service. I am really thrilled to see the cds of MAYADOME, SUN CAGED, and MARCEL COENEN. I really enjoy CLOCKWORK and F5 cds still. I am really satisfied to purchase cds from you and Sonic Cathedral. I will let you know something I would like to purchase next time.

Tetsu - Hiroshima, Japan

Just want to say a big thank you for your service - I am very impressed. This is the second time I have used Sonic Cathedral and I can't believe the speed with which I received the CDs and the fact that I didn't have to pay any shipping! As well as that, I have to include another thanks for whoever's idea it was to include the CD-ROM of Within Temptation: Mother Earth, even though I didn't order the CD-ROM version - what a great surprise. You don't get that kind of service from Amazon!

Kind regards,

Barnaby G. - London, United Kingdom

Wow! You must have set some kind of record for fulfillment! I really do appreciate the service and am enjoying listening to one of the A.D. CDs at the moment...I will certainly not hesitate to order from you again.

Tim S. - San Diego, California

To the notorious and infamous President of The Sonic Cathedral inc. & Associates. I cannot quite determine which of "THE S.C's assets is the more profound or paramount. The delivery of unparalleled customer service, which demands a vast and inestimable knowledge of most bands and all relative genres. Which would prompt an inventory/stock of galactic proportions. Or perhaps the mercury style turn around on shipments/orders, in which the customer is automatically presented with a courtesy gift- No shipping charge...such a steal. Rock bottom pricing, ultrafied when your tastes have a tendency to sail towards yummy imports or maybe hard to obtain material. Haven't most of us been protruded by those others, higher priced, import monsters horns. Question mark? You can assuredly speculate that a true love for music and consideration for its patrons is The SC's strong hold and foundation. Supererogation at its best. A high percentage of my purchases made without audio input but strictly from what I've read and info obtained from these associates. And not 1 "complete" dissatisfaction. I told my postman the rough amount of cds he's brought me from SC and he had a retroactive hernia... John and Rick are saturated in gothic, chix rox stuff and are in the pink of information. Their personalities compliment each other. I find them highly intellectual and horrorishly humoristic. Er, maybe highly humoristic and horrorishly intellectual!? Hit John up for release views or band opinions. He's a real "Johnny on the spot"? if you would. And their Web-master is exactly that...Indeed. Gentlemen don't wait for success, you're there, its just a matter of continuity and towards what magnitude will you navigate. Thanks.

Musically yours, "A shadow in The Halls" and a stained glass in the window of the Space Castle.

Bill P. - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

All I want to say is.....Sonic Cathedral Rules!!! When it comes to satisfying the consumer, with a lust for female fronted metal bands, no one comes close. Since I found this web-site, I have been in femme vox heaven. Some other vendors out there should take note. With the expediency in which they deliver. If you don't see it, they don't have it. No bullshit backordering! And what a catalogue! I am a BIG fan of this type of music, and I have found bands here I never new existed, and I know allot, Mr. Wolff will attest to that. If they list it, you can expect to have it within three days, depending on what part of the world you live in. Don't know if they deliver to Pygmieland. Great job, John! Keep on delivering this inspiring female music. Hail to all the ladies who are not afraid to break down metal barriers!!!!! Do you think you can get me a date with Anneke??????

Dennis A. - Bayonne, New Jersey

Sonic Cathedral is THE site for female fronted rock and metal. Terrific inventory and all items advertised as "in stock" ARE in stock for immediate dispatch. John from Sonic sets new standards for customer service, advice, help and recommendations. Drop him a line with a guide as to what you are looking for and you'll get a host of spot on recommendations. As a seasoned "net" shopper, Sonic is, without doubt, the best I've come across.

Chris B. - Essex, United Kingdom

I am building quite a CD collection with your help. It's great that you carry soo many hard to find items, and ship them the next day for FREE no less!! The Big Boys in Music Distribution could learn a few things looking at how Sonic Cathedral treats it's customers

David C. - Galloway, Ohio

I received my CDs from you a week ago. Sorry I haven't replied recently, but I wanted to digest them all before responding. They are all good and appreciate you great service. You are destined to be very successful in your business. Thanks for all your help. You have added another convert to the growing femme metal movement.

Stephen, C. - Paducah, Kentucky


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